Saturday, 12 November 2011

trip down a creative path

Its time for a creativity celebration post again.  I try to limit my exposure to Etsy, because the same thing invariably happens.  I go into what can only be described as a creative rapture and become completely overwhelmed.
For example:

This lady makes coats from recycled sweaters.  Each coat is a complete work of art--so many different colours and designs!
(this last one is my favourite.  Give me a little navajo/icelandic print any day)
and look at this:

Just a block of wood painted in stripes--so simple and yet so pleasing! (find it here)

And...this bag.......

But then, I also love this bag.  A girl needs choices.  Especially if you're a 'fub.

(this bag is made from a recycled suit coat.  So cool!)  (here)

And from the same shop as the first bag, this doubled-sleeved hoodie sweater:

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed too?  Sigh...

Just look at this tree:

And this organic wood wall art made from white birch: (get it here)

Every time I go on etsy I am so inspired and uplifted by the sheer amount of creative diversity and talent.  I keep meaning to get up an etsy shop of my own.  I'm closer now than I ever have been, now that I've been painting again. I don't have anything ready to show yet, but when I do, I'll post it on here first.

Gotta run! (it's snowing here! boo)


  1. Love love the hoody thing and the same islandic jacket and the wood art and both purses, but I LOVE the second yes I am overwhelmed.

  2. cool neat unique things! i like the hoody the best. oh and neatoh new blog!