Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What/Who is/are the 'fubs? Part 1

I thought I'd address this early on.

We have had the usual twin experiences:

wild, extremely intense fighting:

Eerie twin connections. (I'm not willing to disclose the two words which comprised our secret language, although a lot of you already know them)

And heartbreaking moments,--like when our Mom told the hairdresser to give us matching Farra Fawcett hair cuts.  The result in our thick, curly hair was that we garnered the nicknames 'cat' and 'owl' from our classmates in Elementary School.  It was not good.

To review:

-We are twins
-We are a lot alike
-We have shared experiences growing up that formed us into the curious and (little bit) twisted individuals we are today
-the clothes we wore as kids used to be ugly but now they're cool again.  Whaddaya know?
-We are best friends.
-We are 'fubs.


  1. So funny! In all fairness you basically gave Mom and mullet in your owl and cat hair drawings- I think she's getting plenty of payback as you relive that experience over and over. I laughed hard.

  2. haha! I love the cartoon of mom! You so captured her! And I LOVE the new blog. You go, girl!

  3. hilarious! i LOVE IT! i'm so EXCITED for more! i laughed so hard just from the first little girl fubs--little did i know owl and cat were to appear. and mom! haahahahhahahaha!

  4. This is so great! It totally made my day!

  5. thanks guys! and sarah, in all fairness, Mom's hair is supposed to be in a half-ponytail, although it did turn out rather like a mullet.

  6. bethany, i think you could use a bit more of a bottom as well...