Saturday, 19 November 2011

Who/What Is/Are the 'Fubs Part 2

The Second period of growth is what I like to call the Beastial Period.  This is when 'Fub and I shot up like weeds and towered over all, boy and girls alike.  I remember a lady at church once remarking that our parents must feed us on red meat only.  (I don't see how that makes sense b/c a meat only diet would be very unbalanced and would likely not contribute to healthy growth) but I digress...

This is pretty much how it was:

Our giant beast-like size did come in handy sometimes.  Like when we got a new playground installed at our school with a chicken-fighting bar. Just one swipe of a meaty paw and the opposition went flying.  Nobody messed with us...

But there were also definite cons (other than being a beast, I mean), such as people thinking we were much older than we were.  There was the time at the pool when a creepy 19 year old male tried to pick us up.

This time period wasn't ALL about our giant size though.  We did do other things other than pushing people off of bars and hide from un-blinking chapped-lip older men.  Probably one of our favourite things was playing with/torturing our dog, Shadow (before you judge, we did not name her that).  We especially liked forcing her to do aerobic movements.

she did not particularly appreciate this:

To review:
-We were huge
-We beat people up
-We lost a little bit of innocence regarding the opposite sex
-We spent hours torturing our dog

That pretty much sums it up.  By about age 14 most people had caught up in size and our beastial period was officially at an end. Yay!  Stay tuned for part 3...


  1. lol! as if you ever had meaty paws! speaking of he paws though, cool. i like the perspective. i used to feel like that too. towering over tiny people.

  2. I love it! Can't wait for part 3!

  3. Irbochltuxclipoopliflubewrous20 November 2011 at 21:06

    YOU DID TOO NAME HER THAT!!!! You were in a huge "homeward bound" phase.
    and I LOVE your cartoons!!!! They're the BEST!!!

  4. lol. no we did not! a homeward bound phase at age 11? nuh uh. we got her already named...remember?

  5. Lol!! Love the bum chinned man,(ew) and how you were true to your silver zip up bathing suits (that I'd forgotten about until I saw your picture)And meaty paws?? That IS an exaggeration. You didn't have huge chubby hands!! You had dainty long piano fingers. I had a similar phase where I towered over everyone too.

  6. kinda wish i got to have a towering over everyone one ever mistook me for older than i was.

  7. you two always towered over me. but I'm used to that. ;P