Sunday, 4 December 2011

I am Messy.

People who know me really well know that I'm not a neat person.  My room as a teenager was usually an ocean of clothes.  Just ask anybody in my family about the famed petrified breakfast burrito incident of 2002.
(just to be fair...I was in a hurry to get ready and forgot about it one morning and probably knocked it off my bed with my backpack or something.  The bottom line is there it stayed for many a month).

I am not proud of this.  However, I grew up in a neat and tidy home and that is what I'm used to and that's the way I like to live.  So when I got married and became mainly responsible for the state of the house, this was a definite conflict of interest.  I learned soon enough that I simply had to keep the house clean, so I did.  Turns out, it was easy (this was before we had kids).   Actually, not long after Ben and I got married we moved to a little log cabin half-an-hour outside of town.  Ben would be gone 4 days a week for 14 long hours and I was stuck at home (pregnant) and without internet.  There actually was TOO MUCH time.  I had to parcel out the housework so that it would last me all day.

Then we had kids.  Two.  In two years.  These days, this is how my house will look at any given moment:

I remember once complaining to Mom about the transition from doing just my laundry to trying to keep up with mine and Ben's.  I laugh now when I think about that--so cute.  Plus you should have heard Mom's non-judgemental answer consisting of her grappling with similar struggles when she had to do laundry for 7 children.

Anyways, living in a sty in still an unacceptable state, and yet, when I try to remedy the situation of my house by maybe, say, tackling the dishes, this is what happens more often than not:

This slows me down considerably.  But I still slog on.  It's kind of like running on a treadmill.  By the afternoon I'm exhausted and the house is still a mess.  About now I hit a sort of wall.

This is the moment, of course, when some kind person decides to knock on my door out of the blue.  They look around them, startled--I can see them note the onions rolling on the floor (unaware that I've gathered up the cursed things three times already that day).

I can see the realization slowly dawn on them.  Oh.  You're gross.

Some people (usually ones who have kids) are understanding.  But there are a lot of others (also some who have kids--how do they do it??) who's houses I can only presume are always perfect, no matter what time of day I would care to knock on their door.

I have to believe I'm not the only one like this.  Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. Definitely not alone! I feel like I am constantly cleaning all day long and most the time I would be embarrassed to have someone come by. That's why I don't answer my door 90% of the time ;) darn kids!

  2. Oh, you're not alone although a lot of people are not so honest. But two boys under 3 is a lot of mess. And it is not the same as two girls or kids spaced further apart. But some judgemental people think it is. One piece of advice that Mom gave me was to not really bother cleaning up until after they went to bed or you just do it over and over. Also making some things (like onions) inaccessible helps, too.

    And really, do you want to make the effort to keep your house spotless all the time? And what would be the point actually? And when would you have time to be creative?

  3. i love how your illustrations accentuate your story. i love owen in the cuppboard gleefully chucking things out. good for your for fighting the good fight. one day you'll be the wiser one being kind to a young mom with young kids.

  4. Excuse me! it is still hard to keep a clean house when you have girls and they are spaced out!!!

  5. my house is clean only when the kids are not home... so never!

  6. This is Martha but your blog and pictures are so funny!!! I LOVE them.

  7. haha... my house is more often than not pretty messy... and i have no kids. just a tyler.

  8. Oh my gosh Bethany!! I completely understand... and I don't have kids!! Eric and I dread the day that we start popping kids out cause I foresee a disaster! Love the blogs!!