Monday, 26 December 2011

A Magical Christmas

Here are some photos documenting some of our Christmas loot (from which Ben is absent as he was working.  boo!) (I am holding up the plaid shirt I got him in his stocking and am wearing the one he got me).

And this is a painting that I've been working on for a while.  It was sort of an experiment: Ben brought home a slab of old wood that his work was throwing away and I spent an evening alternately watching heartland and staring at it, finding landscapes and images in it, until I found one I wanted to paint.  And then I did.  I couldn't show it on here before, because it was intended as a gift for Andrea.  So here it is: what do you think?

I also gave Andrea another painting but forgot to take a picture of it..Andrea would ya mind?  Maybe take one of it where you hung it up.  I'd like to see it in your home.

Hope everyone had as magical of a Christmas as I did!


  1. That's wood!? it's beautiful!! looks like you guys had a very nice christmas!! :)

  2. I love that wood painting!!! It's so cool! I love your christmas pics. I miss your lil fam.

  3. Sure, I'll do it. Can we trade for a pic of you wearing your 'shawl collared cowl'?

  4. I LOVE that painting, it's so beautiful!!! You should do a whole series of wood-grain paintings.

  5. apparently i didn't comment on this post! bad bad sister i am. i love your christmas storyboard and your cute pigtails. and WOW--the wood painting! i hope one day we can have christmas together again. missed ya. missed ya big time.