Saturday, 24 December 2011

merry christmas eve!

Last night Ben and I made homemade perogies so to be eaten tonight on the eve of Christmas.  It is to be a tradition.  We used extra aged white cheddar, bacon, and caramalized onions in the filling, and it was delicious (what I snuck) but now I hear of a Rebar cookbook version that uses smoked gouda and sweet potatoes.  Um, yes!I think I will try that one next year.  But in the meantime Ben and I are sure to enjoy our homemade perogies tonight.  You can imagine us feasting on it if you want.

Can you believe it's Christmas tomorrow?  Without all the family around, bustling to get all the last minute shopping and baking done, Christmas has sort of snuck up on me.  Which is a shame, because we all know that half the fun is anticipating the big day.  But I still intend to make the most of it.  I can't wait until my children are older and I can ride their wave of excitement and happiness.


  1. christmas is OOOOOOOOOOOOVER!!!! merry christmas preshus. miss you, love you.

  2. That is one scarey Santa..if I saw one like that, I would probably throw a bag of cookies in his general direction and hide. hehe. I feel the same way about the time leading up to Christmas, one must go out of one's way to attend Christmassy events and get that anticipation and Christmas spirit going. Next year I'm going to attend a Christmas craft fair.