Thursday, 1 December 2011

Snow Babies and Snow Capped Hills

Yesterday before Ben left for work (graveyard) we bundled the kids in their snow gear and took them outside to play in the snow.  All we had for Angus was this funny little puffy one-piece suit that was kind of girly.  He looked so cute I could have cried.  But predictably after 5 minutes this happened:

So then we came back inside.  I'm impatient for them to grow big so we can have real fun when it snows...but at the same time, my heart aches because they are getting so big.  Owen doesn't even have any fat on him any more.  And Angus is talking.  TALKING.

I stayed up late last night painting and watching The Office.  It was good.  But then when I snuggled under the covers to go to sleep, instead I started reading a book and ended up staying awake much too late.  Luckily the kids slept in until 7, but even so when Ben finally arrived home at 7:30 I was a ragged mess.

I drove him to his parents to sleep so I could work on our room today.  And that is a recap of my boring evening/morning.  Aren't you glad I shared?

This is what I've been doing with that painting I posted the other day--adding tree-d hills.

 I'm definitely taking inspiration from my surroundings.  I live in an oblong bowl with snow-capped mountains on every side.  It can be very pretty.  You just have to ignore all the smoke stacks and industrial buildings.

Also, in the name of art, as I was looking for scrap paper this morning, I came across this.  I don't even remember drawing it, it must have been years ago.  I must not have liked it very much (hence the scrap paper pile) but now I kind of do so I thought I'd share.

Now I have work to do.  Must go!

(who else hasn't even STARTED buying Christmas presents yet?)


  1. Where do you get off making your body look a wide brick!? And yes, I'm glad you shared about your day. I can only imagine how adorable Angus would have looked in his suit. And I love your painting and also your drawing. She's pretty.

  2. that's exactly what i was going to say! why are you so wide??! the nerve. i laughed at the face plant in the snow. and yes. i have made ONE christmas purchase. i like how you get inspiration from your surroundings.

  3. The cartoon of Angus in the snow is hilarious! Love it. I was also wondering why the wide fub? And I also love the girl - very pretty. I like some many things about her but I think it is her eyes I like the most.

  4. haha well since everyone is commenting on it--I drew it really fast and it just came out like a wide brick! I could have changed it but decided, oh well, everyone knows I'm not that wide, so I was lazy and left it. a'ight?

  5. Love this! I agree with everyone else - the face plant in the snow is hilarious. Made my day!