Friday, 16 December 2011

Too Many Children's Books, a Rat, and Some Sketches

Owen never liked us reading to him.  He can't seem to sit still and listen to a story.  He has to grab the book and turn the pages and play games on it with his fingers.  Angus on the other hand, it a nut about books.  Ben and I have taken to hiding them, because if he spots one he will not rest until we have read it a hundred times.  He throws it in (one of our) laps and grunts and clambers on to us and settles in expectantly.  When we are done he will grab it and throw it at us again.  It is a never-ending cycle.

This tendency of spending 89% of our days reading children's books has affected Ben in the strangest way.  The other day, I got up with the kids intending Ben to sleep in.  When he showed up stumbling into the kitchen a mere 20 minutes later I asked him what he was doing:
And this is how he answered me:

It's a line from one of Angus' favourite books,' Little Tractor'.

And the other day, this happened:

That's when I started to worry that reading all those children's books was causing a permanent problem with Ben's brain.

Anyways, to move on, it's been snowing here all night and all day, and if I still lived on the island, school would have been cancelled for sure.  But this is Williams Lake, and Ben told me of a time when he was in high school and it was 32 below and school stayed open.  Regardless of snow, we went Christmas shopping today and I met a lady who had a rat nestled comfortably in her cleavage while we talked.  She called it Kate and I could see the outline of it's thick, hairless tail under the fabric of her shirt.

To move on again...Over a year ago, I was drawing in my sketch book, copying a picture from a magazine, and suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt an overwhelming feeling of unfulfilled-ness.  So what, I thought, I can copy a picture.  Big deal.  What does that really say?  It's creating your own images that really say something about your art.  So right then and there I stopped the tiresome copying and decided to just create my own images.  For over a year I haven't copied a single thing and have practised drawing, well, mainly humans--because that's what I like to draw.  Here's some of what I came up with over that time.

(You have to forgive the quality of my scanner.  As soon as I'm rich I will get a much better one).  I like the sketchy, windy, loose quality of the second one.  Sometimes you just need to scribble and see what happens under your pencil.


  1. ahhhh so funny about ben and his storybook talking. i like it and i can totally picture him doing it. and how dare you not explain the lady with the rat in her cleavage! i too love the windy flowy lady. sometimes creativity just flows out of letting go and doing. don't you think?

  2. storybook Ben, very funny! And Martha and I have been talking about the same thing- copying vs. your own thing. I love the windy lady - love how you captured the hair and what wind does to it.

  3. I wished that`s what happened under my pencil when I scribble! I love the sketchiness of it. Wonderful. So talented!!

    So hilarious about Ben and the children's books. lol. So cute about Angus and his grunting demands. Such an unbelievably cute age. I miss him.

  4. oh yeah, the rat cleavage!!! Disturbing!! GROSS description about the tail....ew

  5. oh my goodness I can't even handle your cartoons. They are waaay too cute. It hurts.

    ..and I especially love that second sketch. It is so beautiful. You totally captured the essence of something. You touched the genius with that one.