Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Chicken Chicken Duck Duck Duck.

Painted this for my high school friend J'aime--she was giving it as a Christmas gift.  Couldn't wait to show it to you guys.  I love how it turned out.

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas!  This is my Christmas Eve--Ben's been working over the Holidays.  Excited to watch the chubbies open their gifts tomorrow morning!

Monday, 10 December 2012

You Mommy

So my really great cousin is sending me a scanner!  But in the meantime I have been impatient to create more posts and we all know that drawing on the computer isn't gonna work for me.  So this is my next attempt--drawing on paper and then taking a picture!

It didn't work so well.  But I am sharing it anyways because there's things I want to say!

The kids and I are sick.  It was Angus who brought the vile virus into our home, but we all took a hit.  So yesterday I wasn't feeling so great.  After church I went about cleaning up after the morning's tornado, and then feeding the kids, etc.  About 3 I hit a wall. 'Bethany,' I said to myself, 'you are sicker than a dog.  You can lie down and rest and not feel guilty about it.'  So I did. (my inner voice is really quite wise.)

Naturally as soon as I lay down I began giving off powerful magnetic signals that happened to draw small, chubby creatures right to me.
Owen climbed right up on my back and bounced around for a bit while Angus deposited his considerable heft right on my feet and giggled every time I moved them.  After a while Owen became still--just a warm, breathing, barely-there weight on my back.  Then he touched my head and said, 'You Mommy.'

My heart melted.

People who have children that develop within the 'normal' parameters probably can't understand the glow it gave me.  I honestly thought Owen would never talk, and that I would never hear him say my name.  I waited impatiently as he turned one, then one and a half, then two.  Children whole years younger than him were ahead of him in development.  Everyone told me not to worry.  But then he was three, and still not talking.  Not answering or responding to his own name even!  Showing almost no comprehension to the spoken or unspoken word.  He turned three last April, which was also around when he became diagnosed with Autism.  Two months later we started him on the GAPS diet.  One month later he started talking. In August he called me 'Mommy' for the first time.  Now he is speaking in short sentences.  He is running up to me to share things with me that excite him.  He is playing with other children.  And sooo many more little things!

In other words, my heart is full!!

People who want to learn more about the GAPS diet, watch this video or go here.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

To Angus on his 2nd Birthday

So the thing is, we no longer have a scanner.  And our computer got a nasty virus that the computer guy had a really hard time getting rid of.  But he did, and our computer is functioning--not quite at full capacity, but still--this computer was bought in 2005.  The computer guy said we should look into buying a new one.  But I like this one.

Anyway, I attempted to draw stuff on the computer on my GIMP program, and it's not nearly as fun and it's way time consuming.   When I was younger I used to spend hours drawing on the paint program, but it's just not fun anymore.  Anyhow, I came up with a few illustrations anyway:

It was Angus' 2nd birthday Nov. 6th, and there were a few things I wanted to say about it.

Angus, you just turned 2.  I want you to know that you are a chubby, curly-headed urchin and everyone who sees you dies at your cuteness.

The other night you sat on a stool in the kitchen reading a giant book for over an hour, happily burbling away to yourself while your cousins and brother ran around you screaming and causing chaos.  That is the kind of baby you are: happy and chill.

Also I think you might be interested to know that you eat 3Xs what everyone else in this family eats.  For example, the other night we had spaghetti.  Your Dad and I had one bowl.  Owen had half a bowl.  You sat in your chair contentedly polishing off three full bowlfulls.
(note the rapidly disintegrating quality of drawing.  I hereby switch to photos.)

You love jumping.  Here is a picture of you mid-jump.  You will kill me for this later but no matter.

You are a big Mamma's boy.  When you want me to pick you up, you BARREL into my legs and hold on for dear life.  You are a force to be reckoned with.  I hope you will always go for the things you want with such gusto.

You and your big brother are best friends.  You trot around after him everywhere.  You copy the words he says, you imitate his ideas of play, and when he is upset you bring him toys and bottles to get him to stop crying.  You will follow him anywhere.    You don't care that he doesn't talk a lot.  You think he's the coolest thing ever.  I love watching you guys play together. You better stay close your whole lives or you will have me to reckon with!

You were the cutest, chubbiest baby.  You've slimmed down some now, but I can't resist these pictures from a year and a half ago.  You were like a pad of dough.

Also, I have given up on putting you in footie pajamas, because this happens every time and I am not joking! (that is your diaper balled up in there with your foot).

I am a super lucky, super blessed Mom.  I think so every single time I scoop up your chubby, warm little body.  You forced your way into our lives unplanned and then forced everyone to love you.
Love you.

love Mom.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Chasing Game

Been doing a lot of this lately. (Angus always turns and runs at me just to make sure I catch him)

Also some of this:

Also been busy helping out my husband's family, as my father-in-law passed away a week and a half ago.  It has been a crazy few weeks, but everybody is recovering, taking deep breaths and moving on.  And I'm continuing to get regular orders from my shop, which is awesome.  I am so blessed.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Snow, Halloween and The War

So every year Ben tells me with authority, 'the first snowfall always comes by halloween'.  Every year I wait with trepidation.  Every year--nothin!  After four years of clear, sunny skies until well into November, a person begins to relax.  But for some reason, this year, the snow came EARLY.  Last week the kids and I woke up to this:

And it has snowed almost every day since then.  Winter has come so early! It feels a little unfair.

And now I want to talk about a daily travail that I go through many times a day every day.  The dishcloth.
I like to hang a dishcloth on the oven handle.  It's convenient and my body is accustomed to reach for it every time I need to dry my hands or wipe down something wet. blah blah blah, right?

And everything was fine until two little monkeys with fat little hands decided to declare war.

Several times a day I will accidentally step on it, or find it crumpled in a heap, or stuffed in the couch cushions.

Several times a day I will re-hang it neatly.

For apparently no purpose other than to provide an opportunity for some eager fingers to snatch it down again.


Many battles have been lost and won but neither side is weakening.

Alright  so I'm weakening a little.  It's just that I can't function without a dishcloth there!  So that's that.

Aren't you glad I shared this daily struggle with you?  You're welcome.

Also, here's a montage of some really bad halloween pics of my family.  I hate using flash but what can you do in a dark building with a cheap camera?  (Owen is a tiger and Angus is Yoda):

(Notice how Owen's eye contact is getting better? He actually looks at me while I'm taking a picture now.  Sometimes.  I should write a post about how drastically his autistic symptoms have improved since being on the GAPS diet.)

Hope everyone had a great halloween! We just stayed in all snug and cozy tonight, seeing as how we can't eat any candy or anything.  Have a good un!

Monday, 29 October 2012

soft vs sketchy

As those of you who are friends with me on facebook will know, I finished another custom portrait from my etsy shop the other day.  Suzette sent me a lovely photo of her and her cute fat baby.  As I was painting it, it didn't seem right to use so many heavy black sketchy lines as I did in my other portraits, so I used a lot of white and diluted the black until it was like watercolour so that everything looked softer.  It was just such a sweet picture I just couldn't mark it up with black.

But when I showed the finished product to Suzette, she confessed that she kind of wanted me to mark it up with black.  So I did, trying my best to preserve the sweetness of the portrait in the middle.

Suzette loved it.  I still like the first one better, but Ben likes it the second way.  Which one do you like better?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Falling 'Fub

The other day I was minding my own business, walking down the hallway, when suddenly my unsuspecting foot stepped in some powdery stuff and THIS happened:

(insert BOOM here)

that is all.

It's been forever since I've posted a real post, because every spare moment is spent painting.  I've been working hard to finish all my orders, like these two chickens a girl named Jesse wanted me to paint.

I know I have a lot to learn about painting so I'm really grateful for these opportunities I have to stretch my normal boundaries and improve.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

more art less cartoon

I have been missing in action lately but I have an actual reason for it other than laziness/apathy!  My etsy shop has suddenly been besieged with orders.  Custom portraits as well as custom paintings like this one!

I have been having so much fun painting. So. Fun.

But! I have started work on a post about The Women of Piper's Lagoon.  so stay tuned!

Friday, 28 September 2012

scrubby scrubby.

I am not proud of this, but lately I've been a teensy bit scrubby.  Ben and I have been so busy that sometimes I don't even look in the mirror all day! (that is a big deal for people who knew me as a teenager!  I was vain.  very vain.)  I have no intention of becoming a mom who has let herself go.  Given up, if you will.  But lately this has been my life.

So I get up, propelled by sounds of my children hollering and jumping up and down in their cribs.  There is a sense of urgency to get them before they jump through the bottom of their cribs.

Rummage through clothes piled in hamper.

Hopefully find something suitable.

scramble into it.

Scrape back hair into tiny stubby pony (b/c it's all weird and curly in front and completely straight in the back    and I haven't given myself time to straighten it).

Go about day, doing all the many things that have to be done.

On a frequent pee trip, happen to glance in mirror.



Thankfully, my kids look put together and cute at least.
Just don't judge me.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Magnificent Easel

We got the most magnificent easel with our autism funding.  It took me a couple days, but eventually I unpacked it and put it all together.  Then I set the kids up with paint and brushes and they literally went crazy with the fun of it.

The end result was this:

Which led to this:

By the way, Angus has surprised us all by suddenly (and accurately!) pointing at and saying different letters and numbers.  Ben and I have decided he is a baby genius.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tiny Backpacks

 I mentioned the other day that Owen started preschool.  That was strange and new and hard for Angus, who didn't like being left behind.  They had an observation room with two way glass where anxious parents can watch.  There was a woman in there quietly sniffling.  'is this normal?' she asked me.  I thought about that morning when I blinked back sudden tears as I assembled Owen's preschool backpack.  Everything was so tiny.  I assured her it must be a mom thing.

Speaking of small backpacks, it was not a hit with Owen.  I've tried to put it on him a few times now and the same thing always happens:

But he is loving preschool (even if he can't tell me he loves it, I can tell that he does) and I'm glad he's getting some socializing with kids his age.

This weekend we butchered a pig and cured our own bacon n ham.  (fingers crossed it turns out). What have you done?