Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am Grateful For:

I have lately been doing this sort of thing every day: I doodle things that I want in what I call my 'creation box', and also write down lists of things I am grateful for.  It lifts my spirits like you wouldn't believe, and helps turn a dreadful day into a warm, wonderful one.

This afternoon my husband let me stay home and he took the kids to his parent's house.  I had hours and hours to be alone--an unparalleled luxury these days--so I took out my art supplies and painted while listening to inspirational things.  It was great.

This is what I did:

Also, I dusted this off and took it off the shelf where it's been sitting for a few months.  Not sure what to do with it, it doesn't feel finished.  What do you think?

happy sunday!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ode to Curly Hair

It is late.  So what?  What IS late anyways?  Right?

No.  It is too late.  But I started out to write a post and by golly I'll finish it!

Above you see what I've been working on.  I've been very prolific artistically these past three days.  Inspiration is hitting on all sides.  I keep getting more and more ideas.  It is wonderful.  I am setting up an etsy shop too.

Some of those are still in progress.  But I think the portrait (of my beautiful twin Amy) (and I can say that and not be conceited because we no longer look that identical) is finished.  There are so many beautiful things around me waiting to be used for inspiration.  IT'S AN INSPIRING WORLD!

Sometimes I get over-excited when it is really late and I have spent all evening hunched over a board with cold feet and a paintbrush in hand.  It's not my fault and I shouldn't be blamed.

Meanwhile, the other day my Father in law said this:

 And while in my heart I knew it was true, I still had to go to the mirror and inspect it for myself.
  The fact is (you ain't never been to a ball!) scratch that--Anne of Green Gable quotations sometimes happen to me--anyways, the fact is, ever since I gave birth to Angus my hair has not been the same.  At first I blamed it on hormones and breastfeeding, but it has been over a year and I haven't nursed him for two or three months now.  And still.

I feel like I should say this:
I am sorry, curly hair, for hiding you for all of grade five and six by forcing you into lopsided buns or wrist-thick braids.
I am sorry for straightening you almost every day of grade seven.
I am sorry for ironing you with an iron.
Please come back.  I love you now.

Maybe if I concentrate really hard I can bring my curls back.
Here's hoping.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Danger of Baby Showers

I am going to a baby shower today, and I'm excited.  I love going and picking out presents--cute clothes and such.  I am always secretly disappointed when people do that thing where they go ahead and buy a big present, then come up to you and are like 'well I bought this expensive gift, so-and-so are pitching in, did you want to add your name to the card?'  It's not that I don't think it's a nice gesture, but I just love going and picking out presents.  I think I have a gift for it.  If I do say so myself.

Anyhow, there is always a danger of going to a baby shower.

There is going to be a baby there.

And it is going to be cute.

it will inevitably remind me of the time MY babies were little...
when they smelled like sweet milk and were so so tiny and soft and helpless.

NO.  I am not ready to have another baby yet! I must be stern.  I'm not ready. Not yet.  And Ben DEFINITELY isn't ready.  But another baby will come.  And it will be cute and darling.  All in due time.  You  just need some distance from the ridiculous cuteness to see clearly again.

Moving on...
Here is where my Ladies in Waiting: Red Arm Warmers is taking me.  I am going to paint the edges of the blocks black (i think...still undecided on that one) and attach glass to the front with the help of my handy husband.

what do you think?

Also, I am teaching myself hip hop through you tube.  It is so fun and has sort of taken over my life.  (when I am not seeing to my kids' needs, cleaning the house, making meals, or working on art projects, that is).

happy weekending!  I am going to have a WONDERFUL weekend. how bout you?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Arting it Up and a Weekend with Stott

I've been absent this weekend due to a last minute visit to Kelowna to see my big sis, Sarah.  We call her Stott.

It was a REALLY FUN wonderful weekend with one o my best friends.

We prettied ourselves up: (or at least I did, (stott doesn't really need it) taking full advantage of Sarah's free hairdressing expertise)

we went running (wherein I huffed and puffed along as Stott patiently slowed down her pace for me), played dancing video games, ate good food, and obviously went shopping.  At Winners.  That store is AMAZING.
 Sarah gave me the 411 on shopping at Winners, as passed on to her by Katie.
1) you must take your time and peruse all the racks, grabbing anything you might want to try on.  At Winners, you are not likely to come back out and try more things on after the first round.
2) you may rest your arms by heaving your giant heap of clothes onto a section of rack you are not looking at.

These rules have, and will continue to, change our lives.  Thank you, Katie.

When we left Williams Lake, it was 12 below, so it was nice to go to Stott's where it was ten degrees warmer.  However, when we arrived back, midnight monday morning, it was to a frigid -25.  And since then it's only gotten colder.  Today it was -34.  And last night it was -40. YAH.  This has been a really warm winter up until now, with temperatures mainly staying ABOVE with this abrupt change, our windows are now sporting a gorgeous coat of frost.  I remember last year, our windows had frost on them pretty much from Nov-to March, it was nothing special.

Am I talking too much about the weather?

Anyhow, to move on, I've been arting it up (if you will) and it's been fun.  I've been playing around with the idea of a cityscape painting (stott mentioned an interest in me painting one for her).  I've sketched a few out, with the main concept being a 'no limits' theme.  Painting is really fun.  I love painting.

I also drew this Mother-daughter scene with pen and ink.  I am not finished yet, but what do you think so far?

Alright it's late and I'm going to watch a movie.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Good night.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I drew this with pen and ink and then digitally enhanced it.  I had so much fun creating her.  Can't wait to do more.

Ladies in Waiting: The Red Arm Warmers addition #4 plus other news

Here is what I think may be the last Lady in Waiting. I think she may be my favourite. Which ones are your guys' favourites?

I promised Andrea that I'd post a picture of my wearing the really really cute collar neck cowl that she knit me for Christmas. I'd been meaning to anyway, but wanted to wait until I looked really cute. But then I decided to just take the picture.

Hi. (my favourite part is the wooden buttons)

Andrea left it white (she used yarn made from her Angora rabbits--how cool is that??) so that I could dye it whatever colour I wanted.  I think I've definitely decided on a buttercream yellow.

Also, I couldn't help but post this video of my SUPERB mothering in which I teach Angus how delightful it is to hit others.

Just in case you think I am actually a really bad Mom, let me tell you that I haven't seen Angus hit anyone since the time I took that all's well that ends well, right?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Frustration Drawing Tutorial

As promised, the tutorial on frustration drawings.  Although I must warn you that you may never be able to think of me the same after you see what is to follow.

Some of you are probably wondering, rightly enough, what a frustration drawing is.  I will tell you.  A frustration drawing is what happens when you are drawing and whatever is forming underneath your pen/pencil is not turning out the way you much so that you become frustrated.  Really, really frustrated.  And you give up altogether on creating whatever beautiful thing you were working on.  Instead you viciously turn your pencil to paper and give your frustrated feelings free reign.  Whatever forms itself afterwards is your frustration manifested on paper.

There are two rules to frustration drawings.  One: it only really works when you are actually frustrated.  You can try it without it, but it's not the same.
Two: you cannot think or plan.  You just draw with abandon, letting your feelings have full control over what you draw.

What follows is very often quite disturbing.

I have here three examples of classic frustration drawings which I salvaged from my sketch book.  Read on and enjoy:

1: This is one of the most common types, which you will find scattered liberally throughout many of my drawings.  It starts out normal, pleasant, even.  Then it turns very, very wrong.


3: perhaps the most disturbing exhibit: these types of frustration drawings come from a deep, deep well of frustration and angst.  Note the tube-like boob.  The unflattering shape the hair took.  The angry slit eyes and frightening mouth:

And there you have it.

Now that you know how to create your own frustration drawings, I can only warn you to proceed with caution.  Any number of ugly things can be created by your pen!  The possibilities of creepy and disturbing drawings are endless.

Also, I created another drawing to be added to the one I posted last night. I am starting a new series, with the connecting theme being the rust-red arm warmers.  I'm calling them Ladies in Waiting.

Hopefully soon, I will have prints of these to sell on my etsy shop.  I'll let you know what I do.

Monday, 9 January 2012

inspiration strikes

I drew this tonight and stayed up extravagantly late to play with it on gimp and post it on here.  When inspiration strikes I have to follow.  Who knows when it'll come again?

This blog helps keep me motivated, and that's good.  I love creating things.   My sister Andrea gave me these awesome books for Christmas, one explaining all these different ways to print on all sorts of things (textiles, paper, walls...ANYTHING, really) and another one with a bunch of cool patterns in it for sewing.  I am so excited to try them out and can't wait to show them on here.  My mother in law just gave me an old Singer sewing machine so I'm psyched to try it out.

In the meantime, it is late.  Tomorrow I am considering a tutorial on frustration drawings.