Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Arting it Up and a Weekend with Stott

I've been absent this weekend due to a last minute visit to Kelowna to see my big sis, Sarah.  We call her Stott.

It was a REALLY FUN wonderful weekend with one o my best friends.

We prettied ourselves up: (or at least I did, (stott doesn't really need it) taking full advantage of Sarah's free hairdressing expertise)

we went running (wherein I huffed and puffed along as Stott patiently slowed down her pace for me), played dancing video games, ate good food, and obviously went shopping.  At Winners.  That store is AMAZING.
 Sarah gave me the 411 on shopping at Winners, as passed on to her by Katie.
1) you must take your time and peruse all the racks, grabbing anything you might want to try on.  At Winners, you are not likely to come back out and try more things on after the first round.
2) you may rest your arms by heaving your giant heap of clothes onto a section of rack you are not looking at.

These rules have, and will continue to, change our lives.  Thank you, Katie.

When we left Williams Lake, it was 12 below, so it was nice to go to Stott's where it was ten degrees warmer.  However, when we arrived back, midnight monday morning, it was to a frigid -25.  And since then it's only gotten colder.  Today it was -34.  And last night it was -40. YAH.  This has been a really warm winter up until now, with temperatures mainly staying ABOVE with this abrupt change, our windows are now sporting a gorgeous coat of frost.  I remember last year, our windows had frost on them pretty much from Nov-to March, it was nothing special.

Am I talking too much about the weather?

Anyhow, to move on, I've been arting it up (if you will) and it's been fun.  I've been playing around with the idea of a cityscape painting (stott mentioned an interest in me painting one for her).  I've sketched a few out, with the main concept being a 'no limits' theme.  Painting is really fun.  I love painting.

I also drew this Mother-daughter scene with pen and ink.  I am not finished yet, but what do you think so far?

Alright it's late and I'm going to watch a movie.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Good night.


  1. i am so totally loving this style you have been doing. i love the mother's matronly curves and stoic look. (i love her hair too). i think their embrace is kind of awkward and kind of fierce at the same time.

    ps. i'm jealous of your good times with sarah.

  2. That's not how it happened with low cut laurie, and you know it! It was a fun action packed weekend. I'm so glad you came. I remember having frost on our upstairs windows in Winnipeg. It was long time before I could look out them again. It got super cold here too. Not -40, but still, enough to freeze a Stott through and through. I love your art and I can't wait to see what city scapes you come up with.

  3. i knew you'd get on me for not being exact. it would have been too hard to show how low-cut laurie really happened, but i wanted to include her in some way!
    i'm excited about the cityscapes too!

  4. Those Winners rules ARE genius. Simple genius! It sounds like you two had so much fun, but you were missing the other 'fub! Your cartoons always make me giggle, btw.

    LOVE the drawing. Just lovely, as always.

  5. Goodness, you are so talented! <3 I especially adore the last illustration!

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