Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Danger of Baby Showers

I am going to a baby shower today, and I'm excited.  I love going and picking out presents--cute clothes and such.  I am always secretly disappointed when people do that thing where they go ahead and buy a big present, then come up to you and are like 'well I bought this expensive gift, so-and-so are pitching in, did you want to add your name to the card?'  It's not that I don't think it's a nice gesture, but I just love going and picking out presents.  I think I have a gift for it.  If I do say so myself.

Anyhow, there is always a danger of going to a baby shower.

There is going to be a baby there.

And it is going to be cute.

it will inevitably remind me of the time MY babies were little...
when they smelled like sweet milk and were so so tiny and soft and helpless.

NO.  I am not ready to have another baby yet! I must be stern.  I'm not ready. Not yet.  And Ben DEFINITELY isn't ready.  But another baby will come.  And it will be cute and darling.  All in due time.  You  just need some distance from the ridiculous cuteness to see clearly again.

Moving on...
Here is where my Ladies in Waiting: Red Arm Warmers is taking me.  I am going to paint the edges of the blocks black (i think...still undecided on that one) and attach glass to the front with the help of my handy husband.

what do you think?

Also, I am teaching myself hip hop through you tube.  It is so fun and has sort of taken over my life.  (when I am not seeing to my kids' needs, cleaning the house, making meals, or working on art projects, that is).

happy weekending!  I am going to have a WONDERFUL weekend. how bout you?


  1. I agree! Baby showers are a dangerous game! ;)

  2. Choosing baby gifts is always fun! The biggest danger to me is the over-gifter. The one who can't stop buying you things that you might not like, need, or want in your home for whatever reason. In a strange way, three Christmases as a Mom has actually taught me the meaningless of stuff. (this is alleah, btw! mind if I follow?)

  3. Alleah I'm thrilled that you find my blog worthy of following! I also enjoy your blog! I don't think there's such thing as an over-gifter. bring em on. Although I know what you mean about the meaninglessness of stuff.
    Madison I'm glad you understand :)

  4. You make babies look unbearably cute. I just LOVE what you're doing with the Ladies in waiting! It looks soooo cool. Can't wait to see the finished product. Er, can I have one for my wall? I'll trade you a painting or something else.

  5. of course you may have one for your wall and I'd LOVE one of your paintings for my wall!

  6. you have the gift of making babies look frustratingly cute. it throws me into brain aneurysms and near death. thanks. oh! i really want one too! my fave one. what do i have to do?