Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am Grateful For:

I have lately been doing this sort of thing every day: I doodle things that I want in what I call my 'creation box', and also write down lists of things I am grateful for.  It lifts my spirits like you wouldn't believe, and helps turn a dreadful day into a warm, wonderful one.

This afternoon my husband let me stay home and he took the kids to his parent's house.  I had hours and hours to be alone--an unparalleled luxury these days--so I took out my art supplies and painted while listening to inspirational things.  It was great.

This is what I did:

Also, I dusted this off and took it off the shelf where it's been sitting for a few months.  Not sure what to do with it, it doesn't feel finished.  What do you think?

happy sunday!


  1. I also love the creation box. It's so much fun! We have some of the same things in our boxes.

    I love love love the painting of the tree-covered hills!!!!!!!!!!It is just beautiful 'fub! You have lovely inspirations.

    I love the lamp post one too! I think you should do whatever feels the most fun with it. Maybe change the colours in it or the textures to represent the different part of life you're in now? Or keep developing it because you've got a beautiful thing started, whatever a 'fub feels like!

  2. how come you guys know about creation boxes and i don't? :( seems like a really cool and wonderful idea. in fact i like it! i love this painting and i want to see it closer! i love the hills and the spread of sun. it is all very pleasing. ah the lamp post rainy day painting. so cool to see how it's evolving. i like the eerie blue lightness. to me the whole theme of the painting is about dark and light.

  3. I love both paintings!! I love how the umbrella one keeps getting cooler and cooler!! And the other one is uh maze ing. Love the colors.