Monday, 9 January 2012

inspiration strikes

I drew this tonight and stayed up extravagantly late to play with it on gimp and post it on here.  When inspiration strikes I have to follow.  Who knows when it'll come again?

This blog helps keep me motivated, and that's good.  I love creating things.   My sister Andrea gave me these awesome books for Christmas, one explaining all these different ways to print on all sorts of things (textiles, paper, walls...ANYTHING, really) and another one with a bunch of cool patterns in it for sewing.  I am so excited to try them out and can't wait to show them on here.  My mother in law just gave me an old Singer sewing machine so I'm psyched to try it out.

In the meantime, it is late.  Tomorrow I am considering a tutorial on frustration drawings.


  1. i was hoping you would post soon. and you made my hopes and dreams come true. fist of all, the thing i like the best is her arm warmers. they're cool. but why does she disdain me so? second of all the books andrea got you sound like something i would like to see. thirdly, isn't it exciting to have a sewing machine??? mom's getting rid of fabric. want i should nab some for you? fourthly, frustration drawings tutorial--sounds like genious in the making.

  2. yes yes, nab some for me!! particularly cotton, canvas or anything soft and stretchy