Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ladies in Waiting: The Red Arm Warmers addition #4 plus other news

Here is what I think may be the last Lady in Waiting. I think she may be my favourite. Which ones are your guys' favourites?

I promised Andrea that I'd post a picture of my wearing the really really cute collar neck cowl that she knit me for Christmas. I'd been meaning to anyway, but wanted to wait until I looked really cute. But then I decided to just take the picture.

Hi. (my favourite part is the wooden buttons)

Andrea left it white (she used yarn made from her Angora rabbits--how cool is that??) so that I could dye it whatever colour I wanted.  I think I've definitely decided on a buttercream yellow.

Also, I couldn't help but post this video of my SUPERB mothering in which I teach Angus how delightful it is to hit others.

Just in case you think I am actually a really bad Mom, let me tell you that I haven't seen Angus hit anyone since the time I took that all's well that ends well, right?


  1. nice! i like her earrings and her expression. i have to say my fave is the second one. i love her.

    very cute cowl by andrea. and love the video. talk about a chortle. you've got a chortler on your hands.

  2. thanks! he must have gotten his chortle from you. . .you are, after all, the chortler in the family. . .

  3. I agree I love the second one - but they are all beautiful! :D

  4. I think this is my fave lady-in-waiting. I love the blue feather earrings with the red, and the grey dress. I just find the whole colour scheme very fact, the whole ensemble! And the soft collar is soo beautiful.