Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ode to Curly Hair

It is late.  So what?  What IS late anyways?  Right?

No.  It is too late.  But I started out to write a post and by golly I'll finish it!

Above you see what I've been working on.  I've been very prolific artistically these past three days.  Inspiration is hitting on all sides.  I keep getting more and more ideas.  It is wonderful.  I am setting up an etsy shop too.

Some of those are still in progress.  But I think the portrait (of my beautiful twin Amy) (and I can say that and not be conceited because we no longer look that identical) is finished.  There are so many beautiful things around me waiting to be used for inspiration.  IT'S AN INSPIRING WORLD!

Sometimes I get over-excited when it is really late and I have spent all evening hunched over a board with cold feet and a paintbrush in hand.  It's not my fault and I shouldn't be blamed.

Meanwhile, the other day my Father in law said this:

 And while in my heart I knew it was true, I still had to go to the mirror and inspect it for myself.
  The fact is (you ain't never been to a ball!) scratch that--Anne of Green Gable quotations sometimes happen to me--anyways, the fact is, ever since I gave birth to Angus my hair has not been the same.  At first I blamed it on hormones and breastfeeding, but it has been over a year and I haven't nursed him for two or three months now.  And still.

I feel like I should say this:
I am sorry, curly hair, for hiding you for all of grade five and six by forcing you into lopsided buns or wrist-thick braids.
I am sorry for straightening you almost every day of grade seven.
I am sorry for ironing you with an iron.
Please come back.  I love you now.

Maybe if I concentrate really hard I can bring my curls back.
Here's hoping.


  1. Stunning portrait of Amy! (as for not being identical, I thought it was a portrait of YOU)

    I think what has happened to your curls is the same thing that happened to mine - living in a dry climate. I just had this proved yet again while in Mexico and I had very curly hair despite my haircut(Sarah might say lack thereof) which is not that friendly to curls. My hair was definitely curly in Mexico. My hair loved Mexico... So blame Billy's Puddle. Your curls will come back - you just need humidity.

  2. thanks andrea! but as for the dry climate--my hair used to be MUCH curlier here, in billy's puddle. Until I had Angus. My hair was curlier at the coast, but still curly here. My hair used to be curly no matter where I went, because I had curly hair! I HAVE curly hair! I don't care what the mirror says :)

  3. U can have my curls! Great art!!!

  4. hahaha oh 'fub. Come back to the coast for a few weeks and your hair will spring right back up I bet! s'time for a visit as I know you know :D.

    You did such a good job on that pic of me, it's just lovely! The wood art is beautiful. I can't wait to see how you add depth to them, I think that the result will be stunning. My fave is the one with the tree!

  5. bethany, my hair was straight for a long time after my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Until I discovered curly girl. Then for a while i did pin curls (like Laura) after a long time my more spirally curls came back and the pin curls didn't blend very well. But I have never returned to my pre pregnancy level of curl. Wasn't amy's hair straight for a while too--when it was shorter? Maybe you just need to grow it out. and come to the coast.

  6. oh and hello! You and amy still look a lot alike.

  7. i think katie and liza are right. it's the cycle of hair and it's the hormones but i think it's not lost and gone forever and that growing it out might help. but i'm glad you apologized. that might help too. (don't think i didn't notice the plump squish in the background of the mirror scene! you have some nerve.)

    what can i say about the amy one--emotional and beautiful. and i want to have it. also loving the wood art. especially the sun one. love it.