Saturday, 4 February 2012

There is Only Perfection

Last night was Ben's last shift.  Now he has four days off, and even better, today is his birthday.  My husband is THIRTY-ONE years old!  weeee!  In another five years that'll be me, but no matter.  I'll make 31 look young n hip.  just you wait.

When he goes to work sometimes we have a conversation that goes a little something like this.

Me: 'Are you going to have a good night?'

Hun: 'Yeah...I'll miss you though.'

Me: 'That's OK, I packed pocket-sized hun.  She's in your laptop case.'

Hun: 'But she's out of battery.'

Me: 'The charger's in there too.'

Pocket-sized hun is our little joke.  We muse that the smaller the hun, the more cheek you get, so pocket-sized hun is a real handful.  But Ben is happy to have a piece of me, no matter how small, while he braves the smoke stacks and sawdust of his work.  My husband loves me.  *smug*.

Here is a collage of how the desert scene I'm working on is going.  I'm rather pleased with it.

And this one too.  I think this one is about ready.

In other news, as many of you already know, my etsy shop is up!


  1. hahaha, how dare you with the pocket-sized hun!! That is so annoyingly cute!

    I'm blown away with your paintings...(but not really because it's normal for you to be amazing)

  2. yes how i think the sky in the desert painting is majestic and wonderful. the tree painting is pretty pastel.

  3. so i guess i didn't make 31 seem young and hip...or maybe you were just unaware when i was there...

  4. I honestly can't get enough of your wood paintings. They are such a cool concept!! I love them. So beautiful and creative. Maybe I should pin you on my pinterest board. hmmm?

  5. beautiful paintings - I love the colours and I got a chuckle out of pocket-sized hun! And hello?! 31 is young and hip!