Sunday, 4 March 2012

Alela Diane, Charcoal and Birthday Cake

A post has been long overdue...but I have been busy going on the computer and wasting time.  So it's not as if you can blame me.

In two days (the 6th of March) Ben and I will have been married for four years.  Everyone laughs at me when I say 'it feels longer' but you know, it doesn't feel longer because it's been an arduous, hard few years of it, but rather because it feels like I've always been with him and we have always been married.

Anyways, nuff mush.  I have been using CHARCOAL lately and I love it.  I would even go so far as to say charcoal is my favourite.  I have done more other than these, but they are on a diff camera so deal with it, a'ight?



After almost two years of only drawing from my head, I am starting to copy images again.  But when I do, I try to infuse some of my own style into it.  I don't want it to be a plain ol' lifeless copy.  But it is kind of a difficile thing to do and I am still cementing my style down, so there is a lot of experimenting.  This next one is supposed to be Alela Diane, who I loved ever since I heard this song.  I used charcoal and acrylics on plain printer paper because that's all I had and plus it was just an exercise and I didn't want to use canvas.

I think she is beautiful.

On a subject other than art, Ben and I take Owen to the Child Development Centre every week, and on one visit they gave us some songs and activities that could help him (and Angus) develop the baby things that they need to develop.

One of which was 'roly roly poly'.

Which Angus loves.

A lot.

And he sits his chubby butt down in one of our laps and refuses to budge until his little baby heart is satisfied.
Which is never.

Now for perhaps the most important portion of today's post.  It is that time of year again.  It is time for me to pick my birthday cake. (I realize my birthday isn't until April, but this is a big decision that warrants a lot of attention).

As most of you know, every year on my birthday it is a tradition for Ben to make me a cake of my choice.  The first year he (and other fub) spent hours working on making the delicate 'white chocolate truffle cake' I had selected, staying up  past midnight.  And then a few hours later I went into labour and we drove into town and I had a baby (on my birthday, for anyone that does not know this pertinent information).  Later on, when everything had stilled and I was resting and warm and content, Amy brought the cake in.  We were so excited to try it, we had so much to celebrate--the cake looked perfect, it WAS perfect--it was creamy and moist--except that the whole thing was infused inexplicably with garlic.

The next year, he made a divine chocolate mousse cake, it was creamy and rich and perfect.

The next year I had no cake because Angus was a small babe and he had thrush which if you don't know hurts the nips like a scalding iron when he breastfeeds, so I was on an anti-candida diet which cuts all the fun and yumminess out of eating.  Or I guess it was his allergies to a possibility of wheat, dairy, nuts, and soy that cut all the fun from my diet.  Either way, no cake.

The next year is this year.  Another chance for yummy cake.

Here are this year's contenders:

1) Caramel Truffle Pie (chocolate crumb/pecan crust, smooth caramel, and a rich chocolate/cream filling)

2) Chocolate Mousse Pie (a dense flourless cake with chocolate cream topping and chocolate pie crust)

3) Double Decker Pie (this is a cheesecake)

4)Semifreddo (cream cheese/whipped cream sandwiched between chocolate crumb crust layers)

5)White Chocolate Orange Chil (an Orange Cream/White Chocolate semi-frozen filling over chocolate crumb crust)

Would you mind helping a girl out by casting your vote?  I simply can't decide.

I found a camera today that was missing since we moved back in October.  Found these pics of me and Angus at our old place.  He's such a darling.  I love him.


  1. i vote number one! and i love the charcoals. so alive. and alea IS beautiful in your eye.

  2. I love the charcoals, too. And I think Alela Diane looks a bit like you (which I am sure is a compliment to Alela). Oh the cakes.... they all look sooo good. I want to try them all personally..hehe... But my vote will go to..... yes, number one as well. But perhaps you could spend the month making them all and trying them each? haha

  3. I think Andrea may be on to something- why choose? But, if I had to choose, I think the first one too. Hell-o! I love your charcoal drawings!!! They are so wonderful!!!! What loveable boys you have.

  4. those pictures of you and 'Gus are adorable and sweet! The charcoals you drew of your boys are genuis and delightful. You always had a natural touch with the charcoal. Ummm....the dessert decision is a hard one. I'd say double decker pie, because it's cheesecake....but also, the orange chill one, to try something new (and it sounds ammaaaaaazing)!

    I also love your charcoal of Alela! I think she's beautiful too and you captured it. I want to know what 'roly roly poly' is.

  5. Love your artwork! beautiful beautiful beautiful! I vote the orange one - sounds sooo yummy!!!

  6. Right now I'm in the process of not eating any cake for quite some time, but if I could eat one I would go for the last one, the orange cake.

    Greetings from Slovenia

    p.s. I love you artwork, I don't know what is the correct way of describing art, but to me your work feels alive :) if that makes any sense