Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Owen my Beautiful Boy

I just got back from Owen's official assessment by Interior Health Canada. I had to go by myself because Ben worked a graveyard last night. I dropped Angus off to be with his grandpa and Owen and I went.  It was long and arduous but the long and short of it is, he is now formally diagnosed with Autism.

I mean, I was prepared. I knew that that was probably what they were going to say.  And it doesn't change how I feel about my wonderful beautiful boy.  And yet it feels as if somebody with heavy boots kicked me in the stomach, hard.

I normally wouldn't write about this sort of thing on my blog, but I am alone and I feel it pressing on me and I had to talk to somebody about it, even if it's just a faceless internet page.  The person I really want to talk to right now is Ben, but he is sleeping.

Anyways, speaking of my children, they call...


  1. i'm glad you shared and i'm sorry it's so hard and he is a very beautiful boy and you and ben will be the best parents for him.

  2. That picture of him is stunning!! Beautiful beautiful boy. I agree with Laura - though I don't know your hubby, I know you and I know that you guys are the best thing for him. I laugh so hard when I read your blog and especially when you talk about your boys. They are gorgeous!

  3. that's hard! to be there alone hearing the news! it's a blessing you live in this country where there's so much help. there's a sister in my ward with an autistic son and he's progressing so much! you have lot of researching to do but there's so much help out there. don't give up. he can get better!

  4. I felt the same boots in the stomach after Josh's assessment, but I took the strategy of treating him no differently than my other children, believing that that would bring about the best in him. I was not disappointed. Joshua is one of the most beautiful people I know. He far surpasses the average person in the qualities that really matter in life, selflessness, kindness, tireless in choosing the right, serving, I could go on and on, he has them all. He is such a HUGE blessing in our lives.
    And, yes, there lots of wonderful things out there that can help him, I've done tons of searching and found some pretty wonderful things. No need to feel those boots, it just means you are a lucky mom to have such a special boy in your life, believe me, he will be nothing but a blessing!

  5. Thanks Delanie! That is really comforting. And thanks Labee and Madi and Esther--I hope you are right--either way Ben and I'll continue to try our best.