Friday, 30 March 2012


Having two babies, naturally I have a lot of time to hone my diaper changing skills.

This is delightful!

 I mean, it's gross and stinky and sometimes fills up an entire diaper so that wrapped up it's like a soft, odorous  bomb.  Along with this, there's the obligatory struggling of a baby anxious to be moving around.  And getting away from the cold wet cloth on their tender little bum.

So it usually ends up looking like this:

That is fine.  I hardly notice the struggling.  It's all part of the unpleasant process.

What's infuriating is when the baby decides to be cute.

There they are, with rotten, sulphurous poo in a sticky film all over their butt, and they are cooing and smiling and gurgling happily.  They are so cute it is impossible to be irritated.

 It's like they know what they are putting you through and they are filled with delight at the idea.  It is positively rude.

I am going to bed now.  But here is the latest portrait I've done.  It's so much fun!


  1. Hahahahahaha,,,,,, I remember those days. I love the latest portrait. I can't wait to see what you have done with mine. Take care enjoy the baby years.

    <3 Mariea

  2. beautiful portrait 'fub. Ew...soft, odorous bomb??!

  3. LOL! oh, I can relate sooooo bad! Especially when you lift their legs to get the back, and they let out one little fart--and then laugh about it! Like they were saving it for you. next time, I expect a bow, kid!

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  5. I have to love those wonderfully plump baby legs!!!

  6. love the portrait! you are amazing. and i'd take a happy cooing baby over a squirmer any day but why they are so joyous with the soft oderous bomb, is one of life's mysteries