Friday, 23 March 2012

Watercolours and What my Day looks Like

I went out and bought some new watercolours the other day and tonight I tried my hand at them by practising a few portraits.  I LOVE watercolour. It's SO FUN.  I may even devote most of my time to watercolours from now on.

Here's a sketch of what is supposed to be Regina Spektor who I think has a great look.

Lately, even though the ground is still frozen and our driveway is a solid sheet of ice and it occasionally still snows, I have been taking the kids on daily outings.  I just can't stand being cooped up any more.  I mean, it can be cozy, but enough is enough, especially when you've got two babies who have cabin fever! Right? I mean are you with me ladies?

We go to Scout Island, one of my favourite places in Williams Lake.  It's all wild-blown yellow grass, rolling hills, swamps, wooden board walks and bridges, and blue blue water.  They love it, although admittedly all Angus wants to do is go up and down all the stairs he can find.

I love watching Angus toddle along in his oversized coat with his short little legs sticking out taking choppy little steps.

Speaking of Angus, look at this! SO CUTE:

This is my kid's favourite time of day--snack time.  They will come running from anywhere in the house, dropping whatever they are doing for those two magic words.

Anyways, I need sleep.


  1. so much cuteness in one post is hard to bear. I love the water colour of you n' the marshmallow puffs in Scout Park. The watercolour post of Regina is very lovely too!

  2. Amyleigh is right to much cuteness is hard handle. I do love your water colors too, very nice!!

    Mariea <3