Friday, 27 April 2012


This is what I've been working on lately:

multi-coloured horse project in it's infancy (SO many ideas for this one--really excited about it)

River Valley Painting

The other day, Ben and I drove down to the River Valley.  The River Valley is my most favourite place in Williams Lake--every time I am down there it's heaven.  The River Valley is like somebody took a deep scoop out of the side of Williams Lake.  You drive down there on a perilous road hugging the mountainside--one lane, gravel, frightening precipice on one side with nothing to stop you hurtling to your death--it's terrifying.  And then once you reach the bottom, there's an ancient wooden bridge to cross that is visibly falling apart (under which rages a churning river)--but once you cross that, you forget all about the danger and life-threatening obstacles you had to pass through because it's just so beautiful down there you could die.  So the other day I packed along all my painting stuff and got started.  I am really really pleased with how the painting is turning out so far--can't wait to show you guys.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Initiation Into Motherhood

Today is my last day of being 25...and Owen's last day of being 2.  So I thought I would mark the occasion with an illustrated story about my first labour experience!  Because you know EVERYBODY loves hearing about other people's labour...right?  Oh yeah.  People generally hate hearing about it.  Oh well.

Well it really started with the flu.  For a day and a night I was unable to eat or drink anything, not even water.  Did you know that extreme dehydration can induce labour?  Well now you do.

At 3-o-clock in the morning on April 16th Ben, 'fub and I rushed through the quiet, dark streets to the hospital.

That is when I found out about contractions.  After about the second one I turned to Ben and announced I had decided not to do this after all.

As the night wore on and turned to day, we settled into a routine.

Contraction hits.

I struggle up and hobble to the window sill. (I forgot to draw in the IV I was attached to (I was so dehydrated they had to hook me up to one).  So you'll just have to imagine it there.

So I hobble on to the window.

Ben would be sleeping, sitting on said window sill.

I got Ben to push on my back, it was the only possible way to get through my contractions.  I was very bossy about it.
'Fub observed from her perch on the giant exercise ball and made silent vows to herself.

They injected me with morphine but after a while it didn't help any more.  After a while NOTHING did.  And twelve and a half hours after we arrived at the hospital I was in a delirium of pain, lying on the bed surrounded by nurses and doctors and screaming.  And then he was here.

It was 'fub who exclaimed 'It's a boy!' They cleaned him up and stuck a white hat on him and put him in the clear plastic bassinet while I lay on my bed, filled up to the top with relief and euphoria.  He had giant black eyes.  I wanted to hold him but they didn't let me for what seemed a long time.  Instead I just stared at him.  It looked like he was staring back at me--even though I know babies can't see that far, I still like to think he was.

Everything is quite blurry after that--all the morphine and whatever other drugs they'd pumped into me (some without my consent) were still in my system.  Ben's family came to visit.  One of them pulled off his white cap quite casually while I watched in mute dismay.  And then his body temperature got too low and they took him away from me for the entire night and stuck him in an incubator.

Leading Ben to have to deal with an emotional, guilty new Mom.

(I just want to say here that my 2nd experience of labour was painless, joyful and empowering (and drug-free)--Anybody can have that type of experience if they educate themselves, it doesn't have to be like this one)

So that was it, my initiation into becoming a mom.  And while it was really really horribly painful, I would do it all over again if it would give me my lil blond cherub.

pictures taken by 'fub.

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Human Face (And My Birthday!)

Kind of exciting--my desert painting was featured on this blog!

Ennehways. My birthday weekend is coming up (and that of my little chub, Owen).  We were both born on the 16th of April, exactly 23 years apart.  I am writing a big cartoony post about it, so be on the lookout for it!

Every year I get so excited for my birthday.  I tell everybody repeatedly when the date draws near and generally annoy them to death.  Now I like to brag that I had my first baby on my birthday too.  (When you are the youngest of a family of 12, bragging rights are hard to come by, older siblings generally having done and experienced everything already)--so I tend to pounce on anything I can.  Just a warning and an explanation that may explain my behaviour in the past and in posts to come.

On to artsy related things,  I was looking through my picture folders on my computer and came across a folder of portraits that I have done and scanned over the years:

1. Amy (this one I took with my digital camera, that's why the quality is so bad)

2.Amy again (other fub)

3. My brother Layne

4. My room mate Steph and her boyfriend when I lived in Lethbridge

5.Troy, my home teacher when I lived in Lethbridge.  This is the only 'live' portrait of the bunch.

6. My brother Doug

I've done a lot of portraits over the years.  I wish I had them all scanned so I could look them over and see how I've progressed.  But I'm thankful I've had so much practice and so many willing models.  As an artist my fascination has always been the human face--I don't think I'll ever get tired of trying to capture it.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

my baby is vicious

This is what he did to me.

It really hurt!!

It was a split second bite on the tender skin of my inner forearm, but it started bleeding internally and raised a small welt!!

On a diff note, I love my kids.  They are so cute and they love and need me and that makes me feel good. I love Angus' heft and how he snuggles into my shoulder when he's upset and I pick him up to comfort him.  And I love how when I catch Owen's eye he giggles like we share a funny secret.

I love the curls on the back of Angus' round head.

I love how Owen gently touches my knee with his chubby little hand when he wants something and keeps it there.  And when I don't get up he starts patting my knee gently.

I could go on but that's enough to wet your whistle.

Time to paint!