Friday, 13 April 2012

The Human Face (And My Birthday!)

Kind of exciting--my desert painting was featured on this blog!

Ennehways. My birthday weekend is coming up (and that of my little chub, Owen).  We were both born on the 16th of April, exactly 23 years apart.  I am writing a big cartoony post about it, so be on the lookout for it!

Every year I get so excited for my birthday.  I tell everybody repeatedly when the date draws near and generally annoy them to death.  Now I like to brag that I had my first baby on my birthday too.  (When you are the youngest of a family of 12, bragging rights are hard to come by, older siblings generally having done and experienced everything already)--so I tend to pounce on anything I can.  Just a warning and an explanation that may explain my behaviour in the past and in posts to come.

On to artsy related things,  I was looking through my picture folders on my computer and came across a folder of portraits that I have done and scanned over the years:

1. Amy (this one I took with my digital camera, that's why the quality is so bad)

2.Amy again (other fub)

3. My brother Layne

4. My room mate Steph and her boyfriend when I lived in Lethbridge

5.Troy, my home teacher when I lived in Lethbridge.  This is the only 'live' portrait of the bunch.

6. My brother Doug

I've done a lot of portraits over the years.  I wish I had them all scanned so I could look them over and see how I've progressed.  But I'm thankful I've had so much practice and so many willing models.  As an artist my fascination has always been the human face--I don't think I'll ever get tired of trying to capture it.


  1. that's so cool that you were featured on another blog!! That's because you're amazing. I like looking through your portraits too. I have one you did of me on that camping trip when we were stuck in the tent due to the rain...

  2. ooooh featured! i love the ones of amy and doug. and i've always been like that about my birthday too. it's your day to be the special one, that's something no matter where you fall in the 12!

  3. way to be featured!! Um, you haven't been commenting on ANY of my blogs though. Shame. Shame.

  4. Wow! This is wonderful to be featured on another blog! I'm so happy for you! Your drawings are amazing! Way to go!