Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Initiation Into Motherhood

Today is my last day of being 25...and Owen's last day of being 2.  So I thought I would mark the occasion with an illustrated story about my first labour experience!  Because you know EVERYBODY loves hearing about other people's labour...right?  Oh yeah.  People generally hate hearing about it.  Oh well.

Well it really started with the flu.  For a day and a night I was unable to eat or drink anything, not even water.  Did you know that extreme dehydration can induce labour?  Well now you do.

At 3-o-clock in the morning on April 16th Ben, 'fub and I rushed through the quiet, dark streets to the hospital.

That is when I found out about contractions.  After about the second one I turned to Ben and announced I had decided not to do this after all.

As the night wore on and turned to day, we settled into a routine.

Contraction hits.

I struggle up and hobble to the window sill. (I forgot to draw in the IV I was attached to (I was so dehydrated they had to hook me up to one).  So you'll just have to imagine it there.

So I hobble on to the window.

Ben would be sleeping, sitting on said window sill.

I got Ben to push on my back, it was the only possible way to get through my contractions.  I was very bossy about it.
'Fub observed from her perch on the giant exercise ball and made silent vows to herself.

They injected me with morphine but after a while it didn't help any more.  After a while NOTHING did.  And twelve and a half hours after we arrived at the hospital I was in a delirium of pain, lying on the bed surrounded by nurses and doctors and screaming.  And then he was here.

It was 'fub who exclaimed 'It's a boy!' They cleaned him up and stuck a white hat on him and put him in the clear plastic bassinet while I lay on my bed, filled up to the top with relief and euphoria.  He had giant black eyes.  I wanted to hold him but they didn't let me for what seemed a long time.  Instead I just stared at him.  It looked like he was staring back at me--even though I know babies can't see that far, I still like to think he was.

Everything is quite blurry after that--all the morphine and whatever other drugs they'd pumped into me (some without my consent) were still in my system.  Ben's family came to visit.  One of them pulled off his white cap quite casually while I watched in mute dismay.  And then his body temperature got too low and they took him away from me for the entire night and stuck him in an incubator.

Leading Ben to have to deal with an emotional, guilty new Mom.

(I just want to say here that my 2nd experience of labour was painless, joyful and empowering (and drug-free)--Anybody can have that type of experience if they educate themselves, it doesn't have to be like this one)

So that was it, my initiation into becoming a mom.  And while it was really really horribly painful, I would do it all over again if it would give me my lil blond cherub.

pictures taken by 'fub.


  1. happy birthday eve to you and your blond boy. love you so much!

  2. As if you were even close to that big when you were pregnant! Do you mean to say you experienced NO pain the second time round? NO pain?! None????!!!

  3. He looks so Owen right from the first minute. Happy Birthday Eve!

  4. LOVE the cartoons, especially my very square head - quite apt! lol, I wasn't necessarily thinking that...although I was probably thinking that I was sure going to wait awhile. The cartoons of you are hilarious, and the one of Owen is so perfect with the black button eyes. I so remember that's what they looked like.
    Thanks for posting, it's nice to have that special memory refreshed from another fub's eyes.

  5. I enjoyed it all- the cartoons, the story- all of it. Owen does look like his newborn self. His eyes WERE black!! You really weren't exaggerating. The day you became a mom is a special one, and you got to do it on your birthday- that does deserve bragging rights, and it makes it an extra special day for you!

  6. Your drawings make me laugh. so. hard. Loved this post! I hope you had an awesome birthday and I hope your little man did too! :D

  7. Hilarious drawings. I had a similar experience with my very first labor 2 months ago. So painful and lasted FOREVER. I ended up doing everything I planned to not do, took the morphine and every drug they offered. But alas nothing was working, not even the pitosin and I ended up having a c section. I literally cried about it for weeks and felt like somehow it was all my fault and I did EVERYTHING wrong.