Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Running and New Hairstyles.

Ever since the ice on the roads has melted, I've been running again.  It feels good to whip this ol' body back into shape, I tell ya.  Although I have to admit that for a while I was pretty out of shape.  Don't you hate it when there is somebody, way behind you, walking casually...

And then suddenly they are passing you with an insufferably calm and steady step, while you are huffing along desperately?  It is pretty sad.  It hasn't happened to me in a while, but still, it's the principle!

Anyhow, my hair has been total frump lately.  It's long grown out of it's cut and shape, and since it STILL won't curl (except for a few stubborn corkscrew curls at my temples) I have to straighten it and the ends have been all dry and yucky, and, well, this is where my sister comes in.  Her name is Sarah (I call her Stott) and she is a hairdresser with artistic vision.

I called her one day and asked her if she thought it would be OK to go blond.

"I give you permission to get some blond foils," She said.

"But--why can't I just go ALL blond--you know with highlights and lowlights and.."

"I give you permission to get some blond foils," She repeated firmly.

As fate would have it, Ben and I ended up making a quick trip to Kelowna where Stott resides, and she was able to transform my hair herself.

Now I look blond because of the streaks she put in, but my hair isn't completely dead from being bleached all over!  Plus I have a rockin new cut.  And it looks really cool with my new aviators.  (I've always wanted aviators and now I have some!)

While I was there I also bought some new shoes.  My old ones had holes in the toes, so it was time.  And I found some awesome sturdy moccasins on sale!  It was like a head-to-toe transformation, basically! I feel like a new woman now.  Instead of a frumpy Mom, I feel like a trendy and confident woman. It's amazing what a new hairstyle and some cute shoes will do.

 As for my art projects, here is where the horse one is leading me. I confess to a predisposition to experimenting with tissue paper, whether or not to my detriment is still to be found.

Have a good week!


  1. hey! why is the frump hair grey!?! haha! I want to see real picture. Sounds like a very fun trip. Sorry I didn't get to see you.

  2. Andrea, it's brown--you should fix the colours on your monitor!

  3. glad you got your fresh new look. and are you kidding me??? that pony pic is aMAZING!!

  4. Yes I wouldn't object to a real picture either. I think the pony pic is incredible!!! The background is amazing. I feel the need for some moccasins of my own. It's a strong need...

  5. I want a real pic too. Cute post. I like the smug little "yeah...i'm cool" mouth on the blonde one. I like that transformed feeling :)