Friday, 8 June 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

So Ben and I went to see Snow White and The Huntsman the other night.  I must say that, while I enjoyed it, it wasn't what I was expecting.  (Spoiler alert: you may want to skip this part if you haven't seen it yet).

For one thing, it was more of a guy movie--tons of action and battles and skirmishes. And the romance wasn't satisfying.  I'm just saying.  It's traditionally a romantic story, right?  So where's the pay off after waiting through all those battles and fighting and dwarves?  A look across a room?  No!

THIS is what it should have been!

Moving on--remember a while back when I posted about how my hair refused to curl after I gave birth to Angus?  Well since then certain developments have taken place.  My hair is still not curly.  It is straight.  EXCEPT.  For two tightly curled wings coming from each temple.
Sigh.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, our family has started the GAPS diet, and this is day three of utter hell.  GAPS stands for 'gut and psychology syndrome' which is a blanket that covers anything from autism and dyslexia, to ADD/ADHD and schizophrenia.  Basically, it's a special diet designed to heal the gut so that your body can digest things properly and your brain gets the proper nutrients, etc.  It does wonders for people with autism and food intolerances, and basically all those things I mentioned above.  Anyone who wants more information can visit this website.

It is hell not because the food is bad or anything, but my kids, due to the toxic 'die-off' (the pathogenic bacteria dying and releasing toxins) are throwing up and refusing to eat anything.  But at least they are drinking plenty of water, so I am trying not to get too worried.  I am getting information about a GAPS practitioner in town who will be able to help me, hopefully soon.

And now: sometimes I like to give myself random art challenges, like this one.  Last night I said to myself, 'you must draw a picture using only four colours' and well, here we are!  I know it's nothing special, but it was fun.


  1. i skipped the huntsman part because i haven't seen it yet. thanks for the alert. i say take the curly temple twins as a good sign that the curl is coming back. that area seems to be the most potent curly area of the clarke curly head. maybe more will come. i like the swinging braid. that's my fave detail.

  2. I also skipped the huntsman part. But are you saying it's disappointing?
    Uhg. The wings. we have both been cursed with them. they never grow long enough to stop fluffing out! anytime I put my hair up - fluffy wingy which will NOT be tamed with any sort of hair-tamer.

    On another note, love the pencil crayon sketch, super fun!!

  3. I agree 100% with your snow white analysis ;)

  4. Hi Bethany,
    Your blog is extremely cute and I
    love your cartoons.