Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Way of The Fub.

So I have been back now for almost a week and I have so many ideas buzzing around my head for posts about the family reunion.  Which was so so fun by the way.

But I am lazy and that is the way of the fub.

I mean, I'm gonna do it...I have lots of cartoons drawn already.  But  for now I am trying to wrap my head around keeping the house clean.

Ben spoiled me.  Since I got back, I didn't have to wash one dish until yesterday.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

family reunion

I am leaving today to go to my family reunion.  I thought I had another night, but Ben decided to leave early. Anyways, that means no post for about a week.

I'm so excited to see my fam!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

a thousand dollar kitten

So Freida is growing, as kittens do.  It's just that all of her appears the same size except for her torso.  It has stretched to a magically long length and it is squishy and fluffy.

When Ben and I got her, we were like, 'this is the kid's pet.  we will not get attached.'  We were very firm.  But...it's just that...she's so cute.  And fluffy.  And she lies on her back like a human when she sleeps.

I've caught Ben a few times cuddling with her too and telling her he loves her.  We are such softies.  And the kids LOVE her of course.  The other night as we went to put blankets on the kids, this is what we saw:

And getting a cat has sparked an obsession in Owen.  He gets so excited every time he sees one.   He meows with his whole body.   It's really cute.

So naturally when Freida broke her leg in an unfortunate DDR incident (OK it was me, alright?? I was playing DDR and getting really into it and I stomped on my cat.  You happy?!) Anyways, the vet was going to charge us $1000 to fix it.  On top of the $300 they charged us for coming into emerg.  I mean, $1000! For a kitten!  So....we grabbed some cat pain meds and just took her home hoping she would heal.  We couldn't very well put her down when the kids were so attached...Anyways, it's a week and a half later, and she's completely fine.  Only a slight limp!  Kittens heal crazy fast.

There really is no moral to this story.  Just thought I'd share.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Daily Chores

Oh my goodness!  The match against Canada and the US in women's soccer??!  Meanwhile, I was struggling for breath so bad my hands and arms were tingling.  But it's not like I could not watch it.

Anyhow, it's hot here in the caribou.  HOT.  And I find that my house is beginning to look like this:

Clean laundry piling up.  And up.  Why is it so hard to put away?  I think someone should write a thesis on it.  And speaking of daily chores, what about somebody studying the inevitable urge of babies/toddlers to sit their fat bums right in the midst of the crumbiest part of the rug while you're vacuuming?  I'd like an answer to that one.

But I think I know why Angus seems to get jealous every time Ben and I hug and kiss.  That one's easy.
Happy beginning of the week!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympics Olympics Olympics! and 'breathe'

So I've never mentioned it before but I seem to have developed a breathing problem over the years.  Basically when I get stressed, I've developed a pattern of breathing that is not good.  Shallow and whatnot.  This year is when this result of years of bad breathing has reared it's ugly head.  When something stressful happens, or if I get too excited suddenly, I get what is technically called a 'panic attack' where I am fighting for breath.  It sucks.  I've been working on breathing exercises and stuff, but in the meantime, I suffer.  Anyways, I don't want to get into all that.

My point is, I am a big fan of the Olympics.  And watching the Olympics is stressful!

This is the worst my breathing's ever been!  And all over something I love!  Craziness.

If I were to describe how it feels, this pretty much sums it up: (forgive the sketchiness)

It's like my lungs enjoy having my ribcage squeeze them so tight they can hardly take in any air.  Cheeky little things.

Writing about being stressed is making me stressed!  Calm, Bethany.  Calm.  Who knew I was such a stressed out person??  I certainly didn't.

Go Team Canada!!

coming up: a post about bums.
I'm working on a post today (assuming my kids have a nap) and I literally have two more on the go!  And about 10 ideas for more in my head just waiting to burst out of me.  Thanks for being patient!