Thursday, 9 August 2012

a thousand dollar kitten

So Freida is growing, as kittens do.  It's just that all of her appears the same size except for her torso.  It has stretched to a magically long length and it is squishy and fluffy.

When Ben and I got her, we were like, 'this is the kid's pet.  we will not get attached.'  We were very firm.'s just that...she's so cute.  And fluffy.  And she lies on her back like a human when she sleeps.

I've caught Ben a few times cuddling with her too and telling her he loves her.  We are such softies.  And the kids LOVE her of course.  The other night as we went to put blankets on the kids, this is what we saw:

And getting a cat has sparked an obsession in Owen.  He gets so excited every time he sees one.   He meows with his whole body.   It's really cute.

So naturally when Freida broke her leg in an unfortunate DDR incident (OK it was me, alright?? I was playing DDR and getting really into it and I stomped on my cat.  You happy?!) Anyways, the vet was going to charge us $1000 to fix it.  On top of the $300 they charged us for coming into emerg.  I mean, $1000! For a kitten!  So....we grabbed some cat pain meds and just took her home hoping she would heal.  We couldn't very well put her down when the kids were so attached...Anyways, it's a week and a half later, and she's completely fine.  Only a slight limp!  Kittens heal crazy fast.

There really is no moral to this story.  Just thought I'd share.


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. You stomped on your kit†en???! How could you!? I love your drawings of Owen meowing. So cute.

  3. I can't believe you stomped on your kitty!

  4. hehehe. silly, as if you could stop yourself from forming a relationship with the cat. and why would you want to? i don't get it. there's enough love to go around for the kids AND you. you're not taking anything away from 'gus and owen by loving her.
    I am SO glad that she's all healed up!! Now i bet you shut her in a room when you play DDR :D
    cute post!

  5. very cute post. trying not to love a kitten--psh! it's like trying to keep a wave upon the sand, or hold a moon beam in your hand.... flibberty gibbit....will of a wisp....a clown.

    enehway, i was horrified that you stomped on your kitty and broke her leg. but then again i sat on izzy when she was a baby, so who am i to say?