Monday, 6 August 2012

Daily Chores

Oh my goodness!  The match against Canada and the US in women's soccer??!  Meanwhile, I was struggling for breath so bad my hands and arms were tingling.  But it's not like I could not watch it.

Anyhow, it's hot here in the caribou.  HOT.  And I find that my house is beginning to look like this:

Clean laundry piling up.  And up.  Why is it so hard to put away?  I think someone should write a thesis on it.  And speaking of daily chores, what about somebody studying the inevitable urge of babies/toddlers to sit their fat bums right in the midst of the crumbiest part of the rug while you're vacuuming?  I'd like an answer to that one.

But I think I know why Angus seems to get jealous every time Ben and I hug and kiss.  That one's easy.
Happy beginning of the week!


  1. Ha ha, that last picture is hilarious!!!! It was an intense game. I kept grabbing my hair in tufts at the scalp. We all have our way of coping. Arms and hands tingling? That's a bit extreme. That's what happened to me when I was trying to breathe through labor. My kids get jealous when Kyle and I show affection to each other too. Sloan just wont have it. He finds a way to worm in between us. There's too many other fun things to do in summer. Why can't house work take a vacation?? Write a thesis on that too...

  2. Our children just taunt us by yelling "kissies!" and laughing.

  3. Hey laundry conundrum solution: Take the basket of unfolded laundry to the room where most of it goes. Fold and put it away right into the drawers and shelves it goes in. That makes one job out of two. Works for me, anyway.