Friday, 28 September 2012

scrubby scrubby.

I am not proud of this, but lately I've been a teensy bit scrubby.  Ben and I have been so busy that sometimes I don't even look in the mirror all day! (that is a big deal for people who knew me as a teenager!  I was vain.  very vain.)  I have no intention of becoming a mom who has let herself go.  Given up, if you will.  But lately this has been my life.

So I get up, propelled by sounds of my children hollering and jumping up and down in their cribs.  There is a sense of urgency to get them before they jump through the bottom of their cribs.

Rummage through clothes piled in hamper.

Hopefully find something suitable.

scramble into it.

Scrape back hair into tiny stubby pony (b/c it's all weird and curly in front and completely straight in the back    and I haven't given myself time to straighten it).

Go about day, doing all the many things that have to be done.

On a frequent pee trip, happen to glance in mirror.



Thankfully, my kids look put together and cute at least.
Just don't judge me.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Magnificent Easel

We got the most magnificent easel with our autism funding.  It took me a couple days, but eventually I unpacked it and put it all together.  Then I set the kids up with paint and brushes and they literally went crazy with the fun of it.

The end result was this:

Which led to this:

By the way, Angus has surprised us all by suddenly (and accurately!) pointing at and saying different letters and numbers.  Ben and I have decided he is a baby genius.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tiny Backpacks

 I mentioned the other day that Owen started preschool.  That was strange and new and hard for Angus, who didn't like being left behind.  They had an observation room with two way glass where anxious parents can watch.  There was a woman in there quietly sniffling.  'is this normal?' she asked me.  I thought about that morning when I blinked back sudden tears as I assembled Owen's preschool backpack.  Everything was so tiny.  I assured her it must be a mom thing.

Speaking of small backpacks, it was not a hit with Owen.  I've tried to put it on him a few times now and the same thing always happens:

But he is loving preschool (even if he can't tell me he loves it, I can tell that he does) and I'm glad he's getting some socializing with kids his age.

This weekend we butchered a pig and cured our own bacon n ham.  (fingers crossed it turns out). What have you done?

Monday, 10 September 2012

One o those days

Today's just been one of those days where I need to curl up into a ball.  Of course, that's not always an easy task when you have two midgets crawling all over you and wanting you to do stuff for them.  It's almost more work than actually doing the profit is debatable.
Anyway, one day down, many more to come! Owen is starting preschool tomorrow.  Am a little nervous and feeling a little bit clingy.

Speech therapist mentioned today in Owen's session (we always bring Angus too) that Angus should be saying 50-100 words by now and he should be repeating me when I say words.  (he knows maybe20 words but doesn't say them and he does not repeat me when I say words). She wants to refer him to speech therapy too.  Sigh.  My heart sank.  I hate people telling me things are wrong with my kids.  I have not been worried about Angus, not like I was with Owen.  Angus at least understands me and responds to me.  I just figured he wasn't ready to talk yet.

Anyhow, I would really, reeeaaally like to know what it's like to have a kid that talks!  It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong!

I am going to have a few GAPS legal chocolate balls and watch a good chick flick and shrug off all cares for an hour or two.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Family Reunion, Part 2:

Sitting on one of the tables every day was a colourful little box with a slit in the top.  It was called the R.A.K box (random acts of kindness) and people would write down nice things people did for them, both real and jokes, and put them in.  Then every night at the campfire my brothers Jordan and Evan would read em out.
And then there were the Olympics.

Along with more traditional Olympic events (races, swimming, long jump) we also had some more (shall we say)  'interesting' events.

Such as hearty laughing.

(Mom's was a tad frightening in it's unexpected power)

And the sideways gallop.

(Sarah's sideways gallop was not to be topped in gyrating quality)

And throughout the entire camp at various times of day we could hear Eryn's amazing voice belting out songs that she had both written and taught herself. (you can listen to her on soundcloud here!)

There is so much more I could say about the reunion.  I mean, the sock puppet shows alone! And the skit featuring my brothers acting as my parents skinny dipping.  And the talent show. And the bocci and washer tournaments.  And the campfire singing.  Watching the shooting stars with my sisters. Wolf spiders in the outhouses. So so much more too!

But I'm leaving it at that.  I am tired of writing about the reunion.  That's the real truth.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Family Reunion Part 1

I made so many cartoons of the family reunion that I had to break it up into parts.  So this is part one, which I decided to make about my favourite fam. reunion activity: swimming.

Our family doesn't just swim.  We don't just get in the water, float around a bit, and get out.  Uh-uh.  We play.  And it's really fun.  If you need some tips on how to play in the water, because you want to reconnect with your inner child or some other such reason, read on below!

So fun.  And frightening when your brother-in-law is really fast and ruthless.  Feel free to yell out that you're frozen in a despairing, hoarse, frantic voice.  It ramps up the fun.

Genius.  Genius!  And so hilarious.  man.  We got some good laughs out of this one.

(being pompous is a must). This one is very entertaining, but you have to try it out to know it.

Other water activities that have been family reunion tested:
-designing a routine for everyone to follow through (ex: scissor kick,  to leap frog, to hand stand, to 'be a ball')
-throwing large rocks into the water and having people race to see who can grab it first

And that is the end of part one.  For those that weren't pictured here, don't worry because there's more to come!