Saturday, 8 September 2012

Family Reunion, Part 2:

Sitting on one of the tables every day was a colourful little box with a slit in the top.  It was called the R.A.K box (random acts of kindness) and people would write down nice things people did for them, both real and jokes, and put them in.  Then every night at the campfire my brothers Jordan and Evan would read em out.
And then there were the Olympics.

Along with more traditional Olympic events (races, swimming, long jump) we also had some more (shall we say)  'interesting' events.

Such as hearty laughing.

(Mom's was a tad frightening in it's unexpected power)

And the sideways gallop.

(Sarah's sideways gallop was not to be topped in gyrating quality)

And throughout the entire camp at various times of day we could hear Eryn's amazing voice belting out songs that she had both written and taught herself. (you can listen to her on soundcloud here!)

There is so much more I could say about the reunion.  I mean, the sock puppet shows alone! And the skit featuring my brothers acting as my parents skinny dipping.  And the talent show. And the bocci and washer tournaments.  And the campfire singing.  Watching the shooting stars with my sisters. Wolf spiders in the outhouses. So so much more too!

But I'm leaving it at that.  I am tired of writing about the reunion.  That's the real truth.


  1. lol!--mom's hearty laugh and sarah's sideways gallop. aw i'm sad though. i thought you would have at least 3 posts of reunion joy. :) but i understand tiring of a subject

  2. I'm glad you DID take it upon yourself to write of the reunion. I tried, but I somehow just couldn't bring myself to put anything in writing! Anyway cute post!

  3. I missed Mom's hearty laugh, which makes me sad, since it was probably priceless. I never even got to compete in the sideways gallop because I was too busy running all the way to the beginning of the trail and back for no reason.hmph. I wonder who won in that department anyway?