Monday, 17 September 2012

Magnificent Easel

We got the most magnificent easel with our autism funding.  It took me a couple days, but eventually I unpacked it and put it all together.  Then I set the kids up with paint and brushes and they literally went crazy with the fun of it.

The end result was this:

Which led to this:

By the way, Angus has surprised us all by suddenly (and accurately!) pointing at and saying different letters and numbers.  Ben and I have decided he is a baby genius.


  1. haha, awesome! super cute as aways 'fub. is it an easle YOU can use? by the way, check mah blog!

  2. that does look like fun. My kids would love that. I can't handle the mess though.

  3. awesome! of course angus is a genious. AND a cherub face.