Friday, 28 September 2012

scrubby scrubby.

I am not proud of this, but lately I've been a teensy bit scrubby.  Ben and I have been so busy that sometimes I don't even look in the mirror all day! (that is a big deal for people who knew me as a teenager!  I was vain.  very vain.)  I have no intention of becoming a mom who has let herself go.  Given up, if you will.  But lately this has been my life.

So I get up, propelled by sounds of my children hollering and jumping up and down in their cribs.  There is a sense of urgency to get them before they jump through the bottom of their cribs.

Rummage through clothes piled in hamper.

Hopefully find something suitable.

scramble into it.

Scrape back hair into tiny stubby pony (b/c it's all weird and curly in front and completely straight in the back    and I haven't given myself time to straighten it).

Go about day, doing all the many things that have to be done.

On a frequent pee trip, happen to glance in mirror.



Thankfully, my kids look put together and cute at least.
Just don't judge me.


  1. Now you know the truth. Mom's don't "let themselves go". That's only what people who have either no kids or one kid think. Mom's of more than one kid just don't have time. And they are forced to realize that there are things that are a lot more important than how you look. I think you look cute!

  2. I like what Andrea said. Furthermore, I have been known to let myself go with NO kids whatsoever, so....

  3. haha love it!


  4. yes your scrubby is my cute. know what i'm saying. and i think the way you look is your badge of honour, in a way that says, i'm doing a hard job and i'm putting a lot into it, so much so that i'm not even giving a thought to my looks.

    ps. i do that with my clothes all the time...