Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tiny Backpacks

 I mentioned the other day that Owen started preschool.  That was strange and new and hard for Angus, who didn't like being left behind.  They had an observation room with two way glass where anxious parents can watch.  There was a woman in there quietly sniffling.  'is this normal?' she asked me.  I thought about that morning when I blinked back sudden tears as I assembled Owen's preschool backpack.  Everything was so tiny.  I assured her it must be a mom thing.

Speaking of small backpacks, it was not a hit with Owen.  I've tried to put it on him a few times now and the same thing always happens:

But he is loving preschool (even if he can't tell me he loves it, I can tell that he does) and I'm glad he's getting some socializing with kids his age.

This weekend we butchered a pig and cured our own bacon n ham.  (fingers crossed it turns out). What have you done?


  1. i like how owen is sandwiched between ham and pig in the labels. haha. so what kind of pre-school is it? how long? what days? what does he do there? how many kids? maybe owen would prefer a messenger style bag instead.

  2. hehe super cute 'fub. love ut.

  3. I've never had that back pack problem. My kids feel so important when they get to wear a backpack. I'm glad he likes preschool. That's a relief.