Thursday, 11 October 2012

more art less cartoon

I have been missing in action lately but I have an actual reason for it other than laziness/apathy!  My etsy shop has suddenly been besieged with orders.  Custom portraits as well as custom paintings like this one!

I have been having so much fun painting. So. Fun.

But! I have started work on a post about The Women of Piper's Lagoon.  so stay tuned!


  1. that's so awesome that you're getting so many orders!! Now everyone is recognizing how awesome you are!! Must feel good?

  2. super cool that your etsy shop is keeping you so busy. i love what i see too. also: why don't you love me the wa-hay i loooove you?

  3. Bethany that is so AWESOME!! Congratulations! It must feel so good!

  4. so exciting 'fub, and I love the painting!!