Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Snow, Halloween and The War

So every year Ben tells me with authority, 'the first snowfall always comes by halloween'.  Every year I wait with trepidation.  Every year--nothin!  After four years of clear, sunny skies until well into November, a person begins to relax.  But for some reason, this year, the snow came EARLY.  Last week the kids and I woke up to this:

And it has snowed almost every day since then.  Winter has come so early! It feels a little unfair.

And now I want to talk about a daily travail that I go through many times a day every day.  The dishcloth.
I like to hang a dishcloth on the oven handle.  It's convenient and my body is accustomed to reach for it every time I need to dry my hands or wipe down something wet. blah blah blah, right?

And everything was fine until two little monkeys with fat little hands decided to declare war.

Several times a day I will accidentally step on it, or find it crumpled in a heap, or stuffed in the couch cushions.

Several times a day I will re-hang it neatly.

For apparently no purpose other than to provide an opportunity for some eager fingers to snatch it down again.


Many battles have been lost and won but neither side is weakening.

Alright  so I'm weakening a little.  It's just that I can't function without a dishcloth there!  So that's that.

Aren't you glad I shared this daily struggle with you?  You're welcome.

Also, here's a montage of some really bad halloween pics of my family.  I hate using flash but what can you do in a dark building with a cheap camera?  (Owen is a tiger and Angus is Yoda):

(Notice how Owen's eye contact is getting better? He actually looks at me while I'm taking a picture now.  Sometimes.  I should write a post about how drastically his autistic symptoms have improved since being on the GAPS diet.)

Hope everyone had a great halloween! We just stayed in all snug and cozy tonight, seeing as how we can't eat any candy or anything.  Have a good un!


  1. ahh! those pictures are heart-meltingly cute. :]

  2. haha, I have the same dishcloth war - only it's with a grown man.
    You guys are ALL looking great, btw. The GAPS diet suits all of you. Kind of makes me want to jump on the wagon.