Wednesday, 28 November 2012

To Angus on his 2nd Birthday

So the thing is, we no longer have a scanner.  And our computer got a nasty virus that the computer guy had a really hard time getting rid of.  But he did, and our computer is functioning--not quite at full capacity, but still--this computer was bought in 2005.  The computer guy said we should look into buying a new one.  But I like this one.

Anyway, I attempted to draw stuff on the computer on my GIMP program, and it's not nearly as fun and it's way time consuming.   When I was younger I used to spend hours drawing on the paint program, but it's just not fun anymore.  Anyhow, I came up with a few illustrations anyway:

It was Angus' 2nd birthday Nov. 6th, and there were a few things I wanted to say about it.

Angus, you just turned 2.  I want you to know that you are a chubby, curly-headed urchin and everyone who sees you dies at your cuteness.

The other night you sat on a stool in the kitchen reading a giant book for over an hour, happily burbling away to yourself while your cousins and brother ran around you screaming and causing chaos.  That is the kind of baby you are: happy and chill.

Also I think you might be interested to know that you eat 3Xs what everyone else in this family eats.  For example, the other night we had spaghetti.  Your Dad and I had one bowl.  Owen had half a bowl.  You sat in your chair contentedly polishing off three full bowlfulls.
(note the rapidly disintegrating quality of drawing.  I hereby switch to photos.)

You love jumping.  Here is a picture of you mid-jump.  You will kill me for this later but no matter.

You are a big Mamma's boy.  When you want me to pick you up, you BARREL into my legs and hold on for dear life.  You are a force to be reckoned with.  I hope you will always go for the things you want with such gusto.

You and your big brother are best friends.  You trot around after him everywhere.  You copy the words he says, you imitate his ideas of play, and when he is upset you bring him toys and bottles to get him to stop crying.  You will follow him anywhere.    You don't care that he doesn't talk a lot.  You think he's the coolest thing ever.  I love watching you guys play together. You better stay close your whole lives or you will have me to reckon with!

You were the cutest, chubbiest baby.  You've slimmed down some now, but I can't resist these pictures from a year and a half ago.  You were like a pad of dough.

Also, I have given up on putting you in footie pajamas, because this happens every time and I am not joking! (that is your diaper balled up in there with your foot).

I am a super lucky, super blessed Mom.  I think so every single time I scoop up your chubby, warm little body.  You forced your way into our lives unplanned and then forced everyone to love you.
Love you.

love Mom.


  1. aww love it! here's to angus!!

  2. Familiar with the diaper thing. Lol! Weird

  3. I love your blogs so cute!!
    Here's to Angus!!����love you from auntie Jen

  4. I'm happy to report that the diaper thing never happened to me. Angus is adorable!! I can't believe he's two already! Happy Birthday to him!

  5. super cute post, I even got a little sniffly. the diaper balled up in the onsies is pretty funny. haha. But what's the deal with him turning 2?! shouldn't he be turning 1 still?? holy buckets. time doesn't stop.

  6. Cute. just so you know Maria and I especially love your drawings. Maria asks me to check out if you've done any new ones and then we found this. I love the drawing of chubby Anus!