Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Chicken Chicken Duck Duck Duck.

Painted this for my high school friend J'aime--she was giving it as a Christmas gift.  Couldn't wait to show it to you guys.  I love how it turned out.

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas!  This is my Christmas Eve--Ben's been working over the Holidays.  Excited to watch the chubbies open their gifts tomorrow morning!

Monday, 10 December 2012

You Mommy

So my really great cousin is sending me a scanner!  But in the meantime I have been impatient to create more posts and we all know that drawing on the computer isn't gonna work for me.  So this is my next attempt--drawing on paper and then taking a picture!

It didn't work so well.  But I am sharing it anyways because there's things I want to say!

The kids and I are sick.  It was Angus who brought the vile virus into our home, but we all took a hit.  So yesterday I wasn't feeling so great.  After church I went about cleaning up after the morning's tornado, and then feeding the kids, etc.  About 3 I hit a wall. 'Bethany,' I said to myself, 'you are sicker than a dog.  You can lie down and rest and not feel guilty about it.'  So I did. (my inner voice is really quite wise.)

Naturally as soon as I lay down I began giving off powerful magnetic signals that happened to draw small, chubby creatures right to me.
Owen climbed right up on my back and bounced around for a bit while Angus deposited his considerable heft right on my feet and giggled every time I moved them.  After a while Owen became still--just a warm, breathing, barely-there weight on my back.  Then he touched my head and said, 'You Mommy.'

My heart melted.

People who have children that develop within the 'normal' parameters probably can't understand the glow it gave me.  I honestly thought Owen would never talk, and that I would never hear him say my name.  I waited impatiently as he turned one, then one and a half, then two.  Children whole years younger than him were ahead of him in development.  Everyone told me not to worry.  But then he was three, and still not talking.  Not answering or responding to his own name even!  Showing almost no comprehension to the spoken or unspoken word.  He turned three last April, which was also around when he became diagnosed with Autism.  Two months later we started him on the GAPS diet.  One month later he started talking. In August he called me 'Mommy' for the first time.  Now he is speaking in short sentences.  He is running up to me to share things with me that excite him.  He is playing with other children.  And sooo many more little things!

In other words, my heart is full!!

People who want to learn more about the GAPS diet, watch this video or go here.