Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wintertime Ruts

I painted this commission before Christmas, and unexpectedly enjoyed putting a tractor on a canvas.  Every day mundane things can be so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Meanwhile, I haven't painted much since Christmas.  I finally raised the prices of the portraits I sell in my etsy shop.  It was time.  I was giving myself less than minimum wage for them, because I felt my experience was limited and I was just grateful for the opportunity to gain more of it.  But I feel like I have more confidence now in my ability and I need to put the correct value on the service I am rendering.

Anyhow, the wintertime rut hit me hard after Christmas.  It can be so hard to get motivated.  All you can do sometimes is keep trying.  My twin sister, amyfub, is coming to visit me in Feb.  We are already planning some art projects we are going to do together, so hopefully this will help heft me out of the hole I'm in.

Meanwhile, got some cartoons in my head--working on a few ideas.  Hopefully I'll have something to post tomorrow!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

NYE plus the christmas tree abduction

It's been a while!  But I am still alive.  Betcha missed my scribbly messy little drawings didn'tcha?

New Years Eve was a while ago now, but I drew these cartoons at the time, so here's a recap:
Mom and Dad came over a few days after Christmas and stayed until New Years Day.  I was really happy to have them there, especially for NYE, because Ben was working graveyards.

We decided not to go to any parties.  Instead, we stayed in and watched five straight hours of Little Dorrit.
I don't know how I stayed awake.  Ma and Pop had taken liberal naps throughout the day but I no longer CAN (totally bitter) because my kids no longer nap.

The next day I decided I should take down the Christmas tree.  My heart was not ready, but I did it anyways because that what my Mom always did.

But it was too soon.

It's hard for me to let Christmas go.  Luckily I didn't have the option of wallowing.  Instead I grabbed a pile of books and allowed both chubbies to scramble onto my lap and enjoyed their complete contentment at the attention I was giving them.

If I go through a day and the house is clean and I've been super productive, but hardly spent any time with my children, it feels like a failed day.   I feel great and really proud of myself if I've taken the time to spend quality time with my kids and helped them feel happy and loved.  This is something I am continuously learning.