Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wintertime Ruts

I painted this commission before Christmas, and unexpectedly enjoyed putting a tractor on a canvas.  Every day mundane things can be so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Meanwhile, I haven't painted much since Christmas.  I finally raised the prices of the portraits I sell in my etsy shop.  It was time.  I was giving myself less than minimum wage for them, because I felt my experience was limited and I was just grateful for the opportunity to gain more of it.  But I feel like I have more confidence now in my ability and I need to put the correct value on the service I am rendering.

Anyhow, the wintertime rut hit me hard after Christmas.  It can be so hard to get motivated.  All you can do sometimes is keep trying.  My twin sister, amyfub, is coming to visit me in Feb.  We are already planning some art projects we are going to do together, so hopefully this will help heft me out of the hole I'm in.

Meanwhile, got some cartoons in my head--working on a few ideas.  Hopefully I'll have something to post tomorrow!


  1. bethany that is just so beautiful! the light, the smoke the faded mountains. you elevate the ordinary. i miss your posts. i miss you. post more!

  2. wow, that painting is beautiful! I am astounded. You are amazing. bout time you raise your prices!! I second Labee, post more!

  3. who knew I'd like a painting of a tractor? I'm not totally surprised though, because it's painted by you. I hear ya big time about the winter time rut. Big time.

  4. Oh my god, these is such a beautiful painting. It looks perfect!