Tuesday, 12 February 2013

life improvements

So  I'm not dead!  I am alive and well.  As well as somebody who has to wipe up pee several times a day can be.  (I am potty training Owen).  (I started out blithely and naively potty-training both Owen and Angus while I'm sure other veteran mothers snickered behind my back at my cute ideas.  After about a week we switched to just Owen.  Another of my ideals comes toppling down. Oh well).

Anyhow, this has been a time of change.  I've been feeling that urge to better myself, you know that feeling?  And right on cue my twin sister 'fub called me and we decided to be each other's workout buddies, aiding and abetting each other into getting into shape, or 'firming up', as we've put it.

This is me doing a move in t-tapp called 'primary back stretch'.  T-tapp is my workout of choice and I highly recommend it to others who need maximum results and have small amounts of free time.

Anyhow, it's been about a week and a half of regular workouts, and right on the mark other areas of my life come marching obediently into place as well.  This always happens.  With regular exercise it seems all areas of my life improve, or 'get into shape,' if you will, also.  The house is cleaner, I get 3 Xs more stuff done, I tackle projects that I've been putting off.

Look at them come marching sternly back into my life to whip me back into shape.

Somehow they turned out looking quite angry and menacing.

When I am in a phase like this, I always feel a surge of impatience for my other self.  It's so easy, just do it! I shout back in time to the me that spends days lounging around, doing the bare minimum, just existing.

Because without the surge of fresh oxygen and the heart-pumping blood vigorously through my veins, I tend to be somewhat of a slug.

Yes I am a slug in my natural form.

I get in ruts where I do the bare minimum--do the dishes, vacuum our small little rug, throw the clothes in the dirty laundry basket--and then have little-to-no motivation to do anything else.  I will try my best to pay attention to the kids--it is the only thing I have motivation to do--but I don't have the energy to give them what they want.  I end up spending days where I sit on the couch a lot, my body feeling too tired and heavy to move.  I don't want to do anything.

It feels awful, and I can only do it for so long.

These are the insidious fellows that keep me company in this state:

Oh and let's not forget weight-gain:

Although I have to say it is much harder to gain weight on the GAPS diet.  Actually I lost 20 lbs on this diet, with no exercise.  (But I had a lot of baby weight to lose).  But it is still possible to gain weight on this diet--not much, but it can happen!

You can see why I prefer to exercise regularly! The pros far outweigh the cons.  Not only do I look better, my whole life improves.

Speaking of which, I stepped out of the shower the other day, and guess what?  My hair was curly again!!

And it's been curly ever since.

The end.