Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hipster Baby vs Trucker Baby

I decided to just go ahead and write a post today, despite my GIMP woes and slow comp.  GIMP still runs, only with small files though.  It is liable to shut down without warning.  But I was able to pop out these two illustrations of my two chubbies:

The theme of today's drawings is: why do I yearn to dress Owen like a trendy hipster, but with Angus I only feel right dressing him in sweats like a trucker on his day off?


Isn't it interesting?  Aren't you riveted? I know.

This is a special day.  It is the anniversary of my birth (and other fub's), as well as that of my very first Chubby, Owen.  I didn't really do much, since Ben's working.  we plan on celebrating with family on Sunday.

Speaking of 'fub, she came and visited me the first week of April.  I want to--no, I AM going to write a post about it!!  So stay tuned.

Have a good week!


  1. yay!! I was hoping you'd post of my visit!
    Hilarious and very apt pics of your 'chubbies'.

  2. Somehow those two styles just seem to fit Owen and Angus. Angus the hilariously cute curly chubby truck driver. I can see him wearing flannel with his sweats. Owen the cool handsome hipster. He's four now!!! Just so you know- he was never chubby. It needs to be squashed right here, right now. Owen wasn't a chubby baby. Angus was/is. Owen was not.

  3. Love the illistrations. you know each kid has their own personality. i'm betting this is the case with owen and angus.