Friday, 26 April 2013

old family re-hyoonion drawings

For a while there we thought our computer might have died. but it is still alive.

But I am tired of writing about my computer.  Instead, here are some unpublished scribblings from last summer's family re-hyune (that is how ppl in my family inexplicably pronounce it). These didn't make the cut at the time because, frankly, they're not that in'neresting.  But I am desperate at the moment, what with all the hullaballoo with my computer lately.  So take it and enjoy it!  You got that?

Here we have Amy, Laura and myself snuggled under a thin blanket on the hard cold ground looking at stars.  side note: When Laura farts she calls it 'popping a bubbly'.  She shouldn't call it that. But she delights in it.

Oh.  And campfire singing. 'Hey Lottie' is a classic that usually turns into ingenious hilarity.

And this is Sarah patiently torturing my thick bush of hair into two neat french braids.  She braided everyone's hair.  Thanks Stott!

Looking at these makes me miss summer.  Especially last summer--so fun.  But a new summer is coming up fast! All day yesterday I had the windows open in the living room.  LOVE fresh breezes.  Nothing lifts a fub's spirits more.

Anyways, chew on these old illustrations while I work on a real post!


  1. argh, someone needs to get you a new computer!
    - but that aside, cute lil good times drawings. I appreciate.

  2. I appreciate too! And you're welcome- you know I'd do your hair anytime!