Sunday, 23 June 2013

in a nutshell

This is what my life's been like the past while:

laundry: mountains of it.  (and none of it put away).
thunderstorms.  sooo many of em. Trying to teach my kids about thunder and lightning.  The other day Angus and I stood and watched the storm with the door open.  he was so dear and fascinated.

making food. trying to think of new ways to tempt my children to eat vegetables.

workouts! There is a guy here who does free fitness camps, and he gave me a list of exercises to do each day.
Ben has been working soo much, what with his window washing business and his job at the mine, and I find myself feeling like Bilbo Baggins sometimes (like butter spread over too much bread).  But this next weekend I have something to look forward to, 'cause mudsy and pops and my sister labee are coming for stampede weekend!! LOVE STAMPEDE WEEKEND.


  1. Er..did you mean to put a mudsy expression on your face in that last image (of you working out)? cuz ya did! hehe another lovely and entertaining post. I wish I could be there for Stampede Weekend! Eat a pickle on a stick for me!

  2. Just an observation... if Ben is washing windows, he could do that down here... just saying.