Thursday, 13 June 2013

post vacay blues

Ben and I had been planning a trip to Edmonton/Lethbridge for a long time. Finally, two weeks and a bit ago, we went.  It was really fun. Two weeks of fun and exciting things, with nary a chore in sight.


well, now it's time to face up to them.  I have been home for 4 days now while Ben's been at work, and the chores have been nudging me irritatingly in the ribs.  I feel rebellious about it all.

But it's no use.  Somebody has to do it.  Owen's cache of clean underwear will be depleted by tomorrow.
I am not cut out for housecleaning.  I did NOT get my mom's gene.  When I am rich, I am getting a maid! yeah.

Also, I've got two commissions that need to be finished, like yesterday.  I quite like the one I'm working on right now. I'll hopefully finish it tonight (gulp) and then I'll take some pics.


  1. lol - so hilarious and cute! and - yeah. I hear ya on the housecleaner!!

  2. Me too! I especially reject dish washing

  3. Laundry is hard to come home and do. I will happily trade you all your housecleaning for cooking. Yes?

  4.'s a deal! you can fly to williams lake, right?

  5. somehow I missed this post! I hate the chore nudging. Some days you just want to shove the chores hard against a wall. What helps me is some cleaning tunes, and a small burst of energy. Like if you're too tired, have a rest for a while, and you'll feel more motivation to do it later, hopefully.

  6. I have been rebelling against housework and daily functioning for a couple of days now. I'm still in my pj's and it's almost 4:00 pm ;) lol I was not made for housework either :D