Monday, 27 January 2014


Owen, like most other children, believes firmly that in order for an 'ouchie' to feel better, he needs a kiss. Right on the exact spot.

I love it. I mean, back before the GAPS diet, I used to try and try to get him to learn the word 'ouchie', like a normal kid, over and over.  Now he not only knows the word, but asks for a kiss melts my heart.  The only thing is, a lot of the time he gets hurt from falling and stuff, and a lot of the time, the hurt spot is well... :

(those are the exact words he uses. so cute).

Seeing as how I have no intention of kissing ANYONE'S bum, luckily Owen is satisfied if I kiss my fingers and then lightly touch his bum.  But the first time that happened, I was a bit thrown!

It is grey and cold here in Williams Lake.  I miss the coast and it's wet, mild winters.  Yes, I miss it enough that I wouldn't even complain about getting the bottom of my jeans wet anymore.  That is how much.

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Chocolate Silk Pie Catastrophe

So truthfully, I've had to give up almost all sweets for some time now. And when I do eat them, I have to make them myself from healthy ingredients. Grain-free, sugar-free, etc.  And even then, I have to have only small amounts, 'cause anything sweet, even an apple, can make me a lil nauseous.

Disregarding all this, last Sunday I made a chocolate silk pie.  A healthy one, of course.  But still.  A chocolate silk pie is a chocolate silk pie, you know?

Anyways, as I was making it, I was like, 'Bethany, you've been so good, I think you deserve a treat', so I left lots of chocolate in the bowl for myself to lick out.  You know, like a kid would do.

I started feeling sick almost immediately, but I tried to ignore it.  Then Ben came and collected me and the pie to go to his parent's house for Sunday dinner.

After dinner, I wasn't feeling much better, but I had no intention of NOT having any of the pie I'd laboured over.  So I brought my plate over to where Ben was cutting it, and  I saw this: some very big, fat pieces of pie, and then some wimpy little small slivers of pie.

I took a big one.

I couldn't finish it. I was soo sick.  That is a big deal for those who know me. I am no lightweight when it comes to rich chocolate things!  But I guess my body just can't handle it any more.


So then I stood in the dark doorway of Gail's room and did hoedowns, after sternly telling no one to watch me.  Everyone did, of course.

May I say here, that I pretty much worship hoedowns. Every time my blood sugar is too high and I am suffering, all I have to do is five minutes of hoedowns and I feel amazing.  It's a miracle, pretty much.

So that's my story! Let it be a warning to all. (oh and this is not an endorsed post, fashioned in order to drive people in droves towards t-tapp and hoedowns! It is simply the truth.)

Friday, 17 January 2014

I'm no matron, and a rabbit that is most definitely not pikachu!

No posts for months and then two in two days?! It just shows, anything is possible.

There have been many things happening in my life that I've wanted to post about throughout the past few months.  One of these things is something I never thought I'd ever want to do: quilting.

you may be surprised to read this, seeing as how I DON'T look like this:

However, it's true. One day I was reading a book, and it had quilts in it, and suddenly I was struck! There are so many artistic possibilities in quilts! How had I not seen this before?!
ergo, quilt!  Well, this is really just a quilt top, I have yet to baste and quilt it and stuff. I laid it over top of our (ugly) (and boring) comforter which we got from walmart. *shame*

And since you can't see it from the above photo, I took it upon myself to point out that there are WOLVES on my quilt.  And they are inside out too. That's right, I used the wrong side of the fabric on purpose. That's the way I roll.
Hi. I'm on my new quilt!

Also, I have been feeling the need to prove that, though I have been absent on this blog, my artistic experiences have in no way stopped. For instance, here is an old cadet shirt that I altered to fit my beauteous body better, and then painted a rabbit on with fabric paint. Although, my in-laws told me it looked like....pikachu?!! I mean, really! There ARE limits. 
Soo there's my update! How's everyone else been doin?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

unhappy winter

our old computer finally bit the dust. For now we are using a really old and slow one Ben's mom gave us. It's why I haven't been posting.  But today I decided, you know what? So what if the scanner doesn't work properly and so what if I can't run photo editing software on this computer...I'm going to write a post!

It's winter. I mean, it has really set in. The lake is frozen enough to drive on.  Meanwhile, other 'fub is vacationing in California!  Some things aren't fair.  If one 'fub is on a vacay in a sunny, warm, place, the other one should be there too! (don't know what a 'fub is? Check out this post)

(I ended up using an online photo editor and it was so un-fun that I apologize for the messiness of the illustrations)

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point something out. 'Fub and I are twins, and yet, I have a short torso and longer legs, and she's got a loooong torso and shorter legs (as seen below).  And then there's 'Stott, who has a long torso AND long legs.  So 'Stott shouldn't complain about her body, should she?