Friday, 17 January 2014

I'm no matron, and a rabbit that is most definitely not pikachu!

No posts for months and then two in two days?! It just shows, anything is possible.

There have been many things happening in my life that I've wanted to post about throughout the past few months.  One of these things is something I never thought I'd ever want to do: quilting.

you may be surprised to read this, seeing as how I DON'T look like this:

However, it's true. One day I was reading a book, and it had quilts in it, and suddenly I was struck! There are so many artistic possibilities in quilts! How had I not seen this before?!
ergo, quilt!  Well, this is really just a quilt top, I have yet to baste and quilt it and stuff. I laid it over top of our (ugly) (and boring) comforter which we got from walmart. *shame*

And since you can't see it from the above photo, I took it upon myself to point out that there are WOLVES on my quilt.  And they are inside out too. That's right, I used the wrong side of the fabric on purpose. That's the way I roll.
Hi. I'm on my new quilt!

Also, I have been feeling the need to prove that, though I have been absent on this blog, my artistic experiences have in no way stopped. For instance, here is an old cadet shirt that I altered to fit my beauteous body better, and then painted a rabbit on with fabric paint. Although, my in-laws told me it looked like....pikachu?!! I mean, really! There ARE limits. 
Soo there's my update! How's everyone else been doin?


  1. You are my favorite! Your posts always make me happy!

  2. thanks Madison! I miss YOUR blog posts! You should post more :)

  3. I love your quilt! I'm totally impressed! And that is definitely no pikachu

  4. Definitely Pikachu.