Monday, 27 January 2014


Owen, like most other children, believes firmly that in order for an 'ouchie' to feel better, he needs a kiss. Right on the exact spot.

I love it. I mean, back before the GAPS diet, I used to try and try to get him to learn the word 'ouchie', like a normal kid, over and over.  Now he not only knows the word, but asks for a kiss melts my heart.  The only thing is, a lot of the time he gets hurt from falling and stuff, and a lot of the time, the hurt spot is well... :

(those are the exact words he uses. so cute).

Seeing as how I have no intention of kissing ANYONE'S bum, luckily Owen is satisfied if I kiss my fingers and then lightly touch his bum.  But the first time that happened, I was a bit thrown!

It is grey and cold here in Williams Lake.  I miss the coast and it's wet, mild winters.  Yes, I miss it enough that I wouldn't even complain about getting the bottom of my jeans wet anymore.  That is how much.


  1. so selfish... won't even kiss a bum! it's fog days here. you would love ut.

  2. I know the bum kissing issue well. I usually lighten the mood by teasing about the yuckiness of kissing there.

    As for wet jeans...m jeans get wet and then make me cold here when I walk in the snow.