Thursday, 16 January 2014

unhappy winter

our old computer finally bit the dust. For now we are using a really old and slow one Ben's mom gave us. It's why I haven't been posting.  But today I decided, you know what? So what if the scanner doesn't work properly and so what if I can't run photo editing software on this computer...I'm going to write a post!

It's winter. I mean, it has really set in. The lake is frozen enough to drive on.  Meanwhile, other 'fub is vacationing in California!  Some things aren't fair.  If one 'fub is on a vacay in a sunny, warm, place, the other one should be there too! (don't know what a 'fub is? Check out this post)

(I ended up using an online photo editor and it was so un-fun that I apologize for the messiness of the illustrations)

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point something out. 'Fub and I are twins, and yet, I have a short torso and longer legs, and she's got a loooong torso and shorter legs (as seen below).  And then there's 'Stott, who has a long torso AND long legs.  So 'Stott shouldn't complain about her body, should she?


  1. uh wuuuuut. of all the exaggerated body shapes, amy's is the most ridiculous looking. lol! so basically her torso is so long and legs so short, that her bum is where other's knees may be. sometimes when sitting down, she has to lift her bum up to get it on the seat? does sarah really have a long torso? does she???

    i'm glad you posted. real glad. do more. i don't care if they are messy.

  2. Actually you live in southern BC.

  3. i would like to point out i also have a short torso.

  4. Lol. I just laughed so hard at those body types--and then Laura's comment. Yeah I live in the north not you.

  5. Hey I am in the North too! Williams Lake is HARDLY southern BC.