Tuesday, 3 June 2014

happy heart

So I started this post two weeks ago. But better late than never!  This is what happened:

I went to pick up Owen from his usual Friday appointment with his Behavioral Interventionist at the CDC here in town.  Angus and I were a little early, so I sat and talked with the B.I, Trish, while Owen and Angus took off playing in the ball pit.
Trish, as usual, had nothing but praise to say about Owen.  "He is so amazing. I was just amazed." Were frequent words out of her mouth.  "He's making so much progress!"  She went on to say that she thinks if we got him assessed, he would lose his diagnosis of autism.

As I drove home, I cried happy tears. I sent up many prayers of gratitude. My heart overfilled with thankfulness.

When I think back on this journey--which isn't over yet--I'm not so confident he'd lose his diagnosis if assessed--but anyways, it was a very hard, frustrating one, especially at first.  When he was 18 months and Angus was born, I remember how he wouldn't respond to his name.  I'd say it ten times, perhaps, and nothing. He was in his own bubble.

It wouldn't have been such a concern, but at 2 yrs, and then at 3, there was still no progress.  He would still not respond to his name, and had virtually no language. He'd learn a word or two, but then lose it a couple weeks later.
(this was despite going to a speech pathologist from age 2 on.  There was no progress in his language for a whole year of speech therapy)

And then there were the irrational fears: stepping on grass and ceiling fans, to name a couple. would scream, cry, shake, cling desperately to mom/dad rather than step on grass or be in the same room as a ceiling fan.   And he would also get very strong attachments to strange things, like washers/bolts, etc. He'd have it clutched in his hand for a week or more.

This story does have a happy ending, thankfully. I've written about it in here already. You all know about how when Owen turned 3 and was formally diagnosed, Ben and I implemented the GAPS diet right away, and how within a month he began to talk and we saw improvements.  And late last year, we also began to implement the protocol found in this book.

We've seen nothing but improvements.  Let me just share a few:

His language. He is always talking now:

He stands up for Angus in Preschool.  Kids play with him. They want to be his partner.  Everyone remarks on what a happy child he is.  The CDC talks about him in their meetings as their great success story.  Everyone loves working with him because he is so bright and cheerful and learns so fast.

And of course, he answers to his name now.

a happy heart resides in my chest.


  1. this is the best ever. i love hearing things like this! owen! you little lovable, giggly imp!

  2. I am sooooo very happy for you and your little family. I had not realized that this was all happening to you all. The CDC there in the Puddle is AMAZING!! What is that diet you talked about? GAPS please tell me more about it. Sure miss you doll face, give the boys a hug for me, ok. <3

  3. This was AWESOME!!! I love to hear how much he has improved! Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism is the best book and protocol ever!

  4. this post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you guys and especially for Owen.